Saturday, January 02, 2010

A Recap in Bullets

I promise that as part of my new year's resolutions I will be posting more, but I'm hearing the kids make noise over the baby monitor, so my time here is very limited today.

1. We went to Canada for Christmas. It was cold and snowy. But yet, it still doesn't feel as cold to me as a cold day in Texas. Yes, I realize this is all in my head, when we had -10 in Canada and 'cold' in Texas is 38.

2. Tiny Man has been so grumpy during the past two weeks, including the past week when I've been off work and home with both kids that when he shoplifted a crayon last week, I seriously considered turning him into the cops, just so I'd get a few days of peace and quiet without a toddler robot following me around the dirty house screaming 'MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMMAMA!"

3. Little Man made a joke about me making frogs for dinner the other night and I told him that he is half-French and that French people do eat frog legs. The look of horror on his face was so funny that I seriously wish that I'd had the Flip camera.

4. Speaking of Flips, I got one for Christmas from Sweetie Pie and holy freaking crap, am I ever in love. Why didn't I get one of these 10 years ago? And any of you moms out there who don't have one, trust me, return all of your other gifts and trade them in for a Flip.

5. And to have one more bullet about the Flip, I shot a video of Little Man and I tubing, and pointed the camera down the slope so that you'd get our perspective flying down the thing. When I played it back at the bottom of the slope, I realized that I'd never been on the tube, that my mother was the one riding with Little Man. Or I should say, my half-terrified laughs and screams sounded just like my mother. Scarier than any horror film I've ever seen.

6. I learned that payback's a bitch. After making fun of my pregnant sister's unmaintained bikini line, referring to it as the heart of the jungle, and blaming her lack of grooming for the fact she couldn't get pregnant (seriously, if you saw that thing, you'd be convinced her husband's sperm got lost on their futile mission to the egg too), she was with me in the bathroom and saw my bald eagle, and proceeded to tell everyone in the family I look like a 10-year old girl. I admit that I deserved that.

Hope everyone is ready for 2010. Tiny Man resolves to look like this all the time.

Because the rest of the time, he looks more like this.




Susan said...

So glad you're back even if your maintenance resembles Dawn Bicker's. Happy New Year!!

Oh, and can we please see the tubing video? Please please??

Haphazardkat said...

bald eagle...hahahahahahahaha!!!!!
God girl, I've missed your posts!!

Anonymous said...

A) You BETTER post more often. What do you think God invented Benadryl for? ;)

(TOTALLY kidding!! For real!)

B) Bald eagle....I am DYING here.

C) The two shots of Tiny Man are awesome. Mainly because he's just fricken adorable, but also because I happen to think pictures of kids NOT being happy and adorable are fantastic.


Nina Diane said...

glad to hear from you! Happy New Year

the planet of janet said...

i'm thinkin' tiny man needs a new blog name cuz ... wowzer!!! he growed up!

Burgh Baby said...

Who are you again? I forget.

Loukia said...

Aww the second picture... soo cute!

kanishk said...

You dropped the F bomb.
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