Friday, January 08, 2010

Because I'll Forget If I Don't Write Them Down

Little Man still manages to amuse, entertain and amaze me every day. His logic and smarts are amazing, and yet, I am reminded that he is still only four-years old in some of the things he says.

Here are some of my current favorites, and translations where necessary:

- "I magicianed it": I made it disappear; said about objects he hides under a blanket or food that he's eaten.

- "Just put it on the kids' chanimal": said instead of channel.

- "I'm fixin' to...": This is clearly a Texanism rather than a Little Manism but it drives me bonkers (no offense to my Texas readers). For those of you from outside of Texas, it means "I'm about to (do something)", as in "I'm fixin' to go to the potty." I don't say this. Just like 'ya'll' probably won't ever roll off my tongue. And yet my child says it. Part of the whole nurture vs. nature thing, I guess.

- Yesterday, Little Man was playing with his Mr. Potato Head. He asked me what Mr. Potato Head was even for. I told him that it was just a fun toy to use your imagination. Tiny Man, a.k.a. Godzilla, comes along and begins to try to rip off body parts of Little Man's Mr. Potato Head, which resulted in Little Man screaming "stop it, Tiny Man, you're ruining my imagination!"

- Little Man was telling me this story about how his teacher has begun handing out stickers to all of the kids who completed all of their work. I asked him if he had gotten a sticker.


- How come?

- I didn't finish my work.

- How come you didn't finish your work?

- I just didn't want to."

Alrighty then. Apparently stickers are not the way to my child's heart.

- The other night, upon finding out that I was making Mac & Cheese (the kind in the box, don't judge me, yo. In my defense, I make the organic boxed kind, so they're organic weird ingredients.)

"Yay! I love your mac and cheese!

- Well, I'm glad!

- Yeah, you're the best cook, I also love your hamburgers and your hot dogs!"

If Iron Chef over heard this conversation, I'm guessing they won't be calling anytime soon. For the record? I also make some pretty great fancy stuff. But apparently, none of that has made it on my four-year old's top three favorite recipes list.




Anonymous said...

I rock the boxed organic mac and cheese, too.

Him not finishing his work because he just didn't want? Love him.

I am totally hijacking his "I magicianed it" line. It rocks my socks right now.


Burgh Baby said...

I'm trying to capture Alexis saying, "I love paella" on video just so I can have proof that my kid eats more than dayglo mac-n-cheese. She likes dayglo rice, too! Woooo!

the planet of janet said...

he's hilarious.

christina said...

haha love your blog and your little boy is adorable. also love that you are a canadian in texan. i am a texan who seems to hit it off with all canadians i've ever met! ha.

オテモヤン said...


Loukia said...

Your boys are as cute as ever!

kanishk said...

I am totally hijacking his "I magicianed it" line. It rocks my socks right now.
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