Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Who Is This Person I've Become?

Once upon a time, I was semi-cool. At least I was in my head. But lately, I've found that I've become a mom. One who is forced to say insane mom things. I mean, really, what self-respecting cool person would say any of the following?

- "We don't grab our penis while we're cooking dinner."

- "Stop hitting your brother with that chair."

- "The dog is not a step stool."

- "Don't use the dogs for target practice."

- "Stop running and the dogs will stop chasing you."

- "If you take the dog's bone right out of his mouth, you can't be surprised when he tackles you to get it back."

- "Take that shoe out of your mouth." (note: said to child, not dogs)

- "You have to wear pants to school, end of story."

Once upon a time, I was semi-cool. Maybe if I repeat that enough, I won't forget.




beebop said...

i'm thinking you would be the cool mom if you let them target practice on the dog, WHILST holding the penis.
while we might have the penis issues @ home, I certainly can understand the cool vs less than cool feelings such as these.
I still love you catwoman, cool or not.

Kat said...

Hehehe! That sounds like me in my house. :)

Sandy said...

have you told a grownup yet that he/she can't have his/her dessert until he/she eats all of his/her dinner?????? No? Then you are still semicool

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I'm making John read this list. Cuz he INSISTS "holding" himself while he makes soup is the key to a successful batch.

Hallie ;)

Betsy Mae said...

ummm once upon a time i was semi cool looking and i've found out that i now look like a mom. sob. i hard but comfort is winning out over here!

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Loukia said...

Sigh... I miss being cool, too...

Susan said...

Once you tell someone to , "let go of themselves," it's over. You can still have fun milking the parental uncoolness though. Wear rollers in the car, talk like Edith Bunker for a know, fun stuff.

Loukia said...

You're still cool, and super funny! Haha! Where have you been, my friend???

Anonymous said...

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Loukia said...

Dude... where oh where have you been??

kanishk said...

That sounds like me in my house. :)
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