Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Typical Conversation in This House

"Sweetie Pie, what do you think we should get your father for his birthday?

- I had an idea this year. We should get him an El Cunt."


"What the hell is an el cunt?

- You don't know what an el cunt is?

- No. I don't, how do you even spell that? E-L-C-U-N-T?"

Another pause to allow for Sweetie Pie to be revived by the paramedics from dying of laughter.

"What the hell do you think I'm proposing we buy my father? A Mexican whore? I said elk hunt!

- Oh. That makes a lot more sense. How much does that cost?

- Probably a couple thousand dollars.

- Yeah, let's get him the Mexican whore instead, then."




Susan said...

I didn't see that cumming. Maybe you could compromise and he could chase the Mexican whore around the backyard with his shotgun. Hilarious, Catwoman!

Poltzie said...

Ha - I LOL'd for real on that one!!

It's like the time M asked if we wanted to "go for steaks" and I thought he said "gopher steaks" we spent about five minutes trying to figure that one out!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

If you DO get him the EL CUNT, I think Mr. Hallisicle would like to come along!!


Anonymous said...

Reason #232 I think a vacation to Texas to hang with you and your family would be a fantastic time. I'd have to pack Depends because I KNOW my bladder will spring a leak if conversations like this take place :)

Kila said...

My boss leaves soon for an elk hunt. I better ask him again, just to clarify, LOL.

the planet of janet said...

you. me. our husbands.

we must meet. it's kismet.

beebop said...

el'cunt. its like a freaky-whore weather system moving in from the west....
i love you catwoman. you are like my long lost sister.
(and do you even buy an elk hunt? is that like something you get @ walmart?)

Loukia said...

OH my GOD! Hahahaha....

A's Mom said...

I so almost peed my pants from that one! It's been a long time since I kept up with your blog and this was the perfect way to do just that.