Thursday, September 24, 2009

Showing His Competitive Side

This month, Little Man began chess classes at school. Even though this will make some of you snicker that I'm guaranteeing that my son will get beaten up in middle school and high school, I assure you that I'm cancelling out the nerdiness with Tae Kwondo classes so that anyone who does make the bad decision to mock my son's nerdiness will probably stop when they end up in the hospital with broken bones.

I wanted Little Man to start taking chess since research shows that mastering chess works out the parts of the brain that help with math and science. And since I always struggled with math, I figure any advantage I can give my child aren't a bad thing.

Little Man has only taken three classes at this point, and it's unclear as to whether he's really learned anything except for the fact that there are black and white pieces involved.

He came home with an assignment, a paper where he had to figure out how to get check mate in one move and after Sweetie Pie had it all figured out, he decided to break out the chess board to demonstrate the problems to Little Man.

"So, Little Man, do you know what the point of chess is?

- Yeah. It's to win.

- Uhm, actually, it's to get the opponent's king.

- No. The whole point of chess is to win."

I know I've been known to be so ultra-competitive at Pictionary that people have refused to play with me, but I'm thinking the competitiveness gene? It is mighty strong.




Anonymous said...

And apparently a dominant trait at that. ;)

Nina Diane said...

I'm thinking he's going to do just fine in life......

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

"I figure any advantage I can give my child aren't a bad thing."

Hmm, are there any activities to give him advantages in grammar? Just sayin. :)

Susan said...

He's chess adorable. That's my southern accent.

Emma in Canada said...

Chess was one of the first games learned how to play. You may recall that he is quite good at math. Maybe that has something to do with it.

I did once go out with a fella who told a story about how he was in a chess club and was given an ID like card (that he actually carried in his wallet!) that said chess master. Needless to say, once his friends got a hold of that card they got rid of the chess and added bater to the end of master!

Anonymous said...

My brother was a competitive chess player in high school. And got one belt or another in karate. Green? Blue? Yellow? Black? Beats me.

I was too busy making fun of him about the chess.

Now he has travelled the world, lived in China and New Zealand, has his MBA, his own company, and is able to work from home.