Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Written on a Train Between Quebec City and Montreal

So I'm on my way back from Montreal after a mini-anniversary trip to Quebec City with Paul Walker Sweetie Pie.

Here is what I've learned from this trip:

1. Working while riding Business Class on Via Rail is the best way ever to work. Because they give you lots of beer and wine. Writing a press release buzzed is the best way to write a release ever. Because surely no one in the approval process will have an issue with my quote for the VP that states "You bet my big hairy balls this is the best thing ever." Clearly, my writing gets better the more buzzed I am.

2. When your room is right over a patio restaurant and it's too warm to close the windows, you are going to be paranoid that your wild aniversary loving noises will cause some diner to choke on his garlic butter snails.

3. Quebec City might be one of the cleanest most beautiful cities in the world. If you have not been there, you need to go. Half of Japan was there, so clearly, they know where it's at, and you don't.

4. After 7 years of marriage, and 10.5 years together, I still really, really, like my husband. And he's very hot. Despite that crazy ear hair he's suddenly sprouted.

5. Brazillian bikini waxes are totally worth the agony. Trust me, shell out the 75 bucks. You'll thank me, after you regain consciousness from the pain long enough to have wild crazy animal passionate loving.




Kat said...

Sounds like a fab anniversary trip to me!
Although I'll pass on the Brazilian bikini wax. Regular bikini waxes are enough (painful enough) for me. Yipes.

Happy Anniversary!

Loukia said...

I wrote about brazilian waxing on my blog like, two days ago, too! WTF, too funny! So worth it, yes, you are right! Glad you enjoyed Quebec City. My hubby was there on Friday night alone with his brother and my sister's husband for a night out. While I was at home, of course, with the boys. Sigh. Happy Anniversary!