Friday, August 28, 2009

Is It Just Me?

Am I the only person who's absolutely horrible with names? Like I have to meet most people two to three times before I remember their names?

And who can't remember most people if I haven't seen them in a few years?

Facebook is the worst invention ever, in my mind. About a quarter of my Facebook 'friends' are people who I don't even remember from my childhood. I know they really know me, because they're friends of people I know and their names sound vaguely familliar, but I've truly got no freaking clue who they are. No memory of them, no memory of their names.

Even worse? Yesterday, I thought 'hey, I should look up the guy I lost my virginity to!'

And then realized I could only remember his first name.

I'm not freaking kidding you. You could hold a gun to my head, and I still couldn't tell you his last name.

In my defense, I do remember his first name was Dale, and I tried to get everyone to start calling me Chip, because I thought it'd be cute. Little did I know that Chip & Dale is not just the names of two Disney chipmunks.

So yeah. I lost my virginity to some guy named Dale. Who, in my mind, no longer has a last name. And therefore, Facebook won't let me find out if he looks like poop now.

You know those commercials where they talk about the early signs of dementia and alzheimer's? No one will recognize those in me. I'm screwed.




Gerbil said...

I was bad with names before. Now I am laughable with names AND words and I just need to hang it up and become a mime.

Maddoxies said...

The official medical term is CRA = Can't Remember Anything

or CRC = Can't Remember Cr*p

from a terminal sufferer

Susan said...

Catwoman, you make me laugh! I recently found my virginity taker on Facebook and he certainly doesn't look like poop. He probably has your disease though and doesn't remember me.

Haphazardkat said...

I suffer from the same damn thing.
Who are you??

Emma in Canada said...

The guy I lost my virginity to and I are friends on facebook. He's probably still taking teenage girls virginity twenty years later. I should go look up some others. There does reach a point where I can no longer remember last names though. Hell, I probably didn't even know the last names. I so hope my daughters avoid my past!

Loukia said...

Hey - at least you remember his first name, right? ;) That totally counts!