Monday, August 17, 2009

Clearly a Well-Thought Out Strategy

A few weeks ago, Office Max had a 24-count crayon box on sale for 1 cent. I thought they would be perfect for Little Man's school goodie bags, since I'm a cheap mofo, yo. And I spent big money on his real party goodie bags, and am not willing to do the same for 22 kids I don't really know.

Only problem is that Office Max had a three/person limit. The first day I went in with Little Man, handed him 3 cents and told him that he was going to buy three on his own, so that I would start off with six right off the bat.

But the cashier said that it was a limit of three/family, since apparently Office Max believes that children are not people. (Where the hell is PETA when you need them???)

Since I don't argue with cashiers, I instead hit up Office Max every day on my way home that week, until I had all the crayons I needed.

The moral of the story is, if you're a little person of three feet, bad news, you're not a person at Office Max.

Actually, the real moral of the story is that I went to Office Max so much that week, that Little Man knows the store very well now.

And regularly asks me when we're going to Office Max again, like he does for CVS, Walgreen's, and the four grocery stores I hit up in order to stay within my new $50-$60/week grocery budget (now with organic/natural meats y'all!)

Yesterday, Little Man was thinking so hard in the car that my radiator almost heated up again.

I asked him what he was thinking about, and he looked down at his stuffed frog, Max, the one that he has carried everywhere, the one that I keep telling him that when he turns four, it needs to remain on his bed, because I WILL NOT HAVE A BOY IN COLLEGE WHO CARRIES A STUFFED FROG EVERYWHERE, and said: "I was just thinking that Office Max should change their name and just be 'Max.' That way, I could buy all the Maxes I want and never have to worry about losing this one."

Which really, the stuffed frog market has got to be a booming one, especially in this down economy, right?

Am I the only one with an almost-four year old who ponders retailers supply management strategy?




Lynsey said...

I wish I was dedicated enough to go to that many stores! I hit Winco and done. And ya, you're the only one wiht a four year old that ponders retailers supply management strategy. :)

Loukia said...

He is too cute, seriously.

Burgh Baby said...

You. are. nuts.

And I heart you.

The end.

Alicia said...

Here's a unique thing to do as party favors with the crayon, if you're interested:

I made some of these for the daycare I work at and the kids love them.

Susan said...

I hope he carries his stuffed frog when he walks onto the stage to receive his Ph.D. in economics.

get rid of belly fat said...

To funny. My son 5 now but 4 at the time decided he was going to move the funiture around and he had a whole plan on where everything needed to go to suit is taste. Kids are the best!

Anonymous said...

I'm STILL dropping $150-$170 a week on groceries and I DON'T buy meat--organic or that other crap. You REALLY need to come to NY and help a sistah out.

The Grocery Game had nothing for grocery stores in my area :(