Monday, June 15, 2009

Understanding Octomom a Little More

I had this one terrible, terrible day at work last week. The kind of day where I came this close to ripping down the walls of my cubicle and hurling them out the window. It was a day where nothing was going right, I was yelled at by people who had no right to yell at me and my mood went from foul to beyond pissy.

Ends up I had PMS, which, thanks to my Mirena IUD, I no longer ever know when the hell's my period due (side note: Dear Mirena: You can suck it with your claims that I'll never have a period again. Not only do I have a period about every 2 1/2 to 4 weeks, but the last one was so heavy, that when I woke up the first morning, it was like a re-enactment of that Godfather scene with the horse head).

I left the office late to go pick up the kids and after I loaded them up, the car was eerily quiet, like the kids could feel that I needed silence.

About 10 minutes into the drive, Little Man suddenly said quietly "Mama?

- Yes, buddy?

- I like your dress. You look very pretty."

It took everything I had to not stop the car, put it in park, run to the back door and hug the crap out of that kid. Never in my entire life had I needed someone to say something that nice to me.

The thing is? In 10 years, probably less than that, if the same scene occured, I would assume he wants something or did something. The fact is, the only pure statements in this world come from three-year olds. It's the kind of moment that I wish I could bottle.

It's the kind of moment that makes me realize that these kids, who love me and adore me and make me smile and swell with pride every day will someday leave me. And the only way to keep experiencing this is by having more bebes.

I wonder if I can google 'how to remove your own IUD.'




K said...

All I can say, is how absolutly gorgeous your 2 little men are, and that I want some of my own like that one day! Keep smiling! ;) xx

Susan said...

Catwoman, you look very pretty today, too.

A's Mom said...

When you think about the fact that they will be leaving someday, makes you smile and laugh and hold on to every single moment. Sometimes just watching LMA run with excitement in the playground puts the biggest smile on my face.

I'm not sure I would remove your own IUD...

Haphazardkat said...

smart smart SMART little boy. He assessed the situation and then figured out you needed to feel good.
Oh, he's going to go to big places in life!!


colleen said...

i never saw the godfather so i watched that scene on youtube just now. i. totally. get it. and your little man sounds so fabulously adorable. you should not only bottle it, but sell it.

the planet of janet said...

trust me when i tell you that you'll want to stop popping out kids eventually.


Loukia said...

Well isn't he just the sweetest little boy ever! :) Yes, I often think I should have more children because they grow too fast and then what will I do if they decide to go to a different city for University? NO WAY! They just can't. And they can't get married to a mean girl. She has to be nice enough to move in next door to me and maybe even we can all live together? I'm so emotional just thinking about this... I have issues, I know! ;)

Burgh Baby said...

I heart you. And your kids.

Anonymous said...

Can Little Man come to my house and say nice things to me???

(I'll give him Smarties...)

Poltzie said...

Did you just get the Mirena in? I remember feeling that way for the first three months. now I only get a period for about half a day! Hopefully it's the same with you!!

All Adither said...

That is darling. What a nice post.

Still, two is my limit.