Monday, June 01, 2009

Taking Life By the Balls

For the past year now, there's been some likelihood of me losing my job. This is true for a lot of people, in this crappy economy, but my chances were increased because my company was acquired and the CEO of the company that acquired us had said that about 15 percent of our workforce would leave to pursue other opportunities. You got to love corporate speak, don't ya?

Since I'm in PR, which is widely seen as a job than any blindfolded monkey can do (for the record? It's not. And all those who think that it's easy can bite my jiggly white butt), I figured that I was likely to be on the chopping block.

So Sweetie Pie and I did what anyone would do. We begin to cut back on expenses, scrimping and saving, no frivolous spending, the whole not fun stuff that won't help the economy get better. We paid off both our vehicles, got our savings up to the six-month emergency fund all the experts recommend, and for the past few months, we've been putting in our savings account the equivalent to our two car payments, so that hopefully, by the time one of our vehicles dies, we'll hardly need a loan to purchase a new one.

I've now survived three rounds of layoffs. I know there will be at least two more this year, so we're not at the end of the tunnel yet.

But we're in a position now where we've saved and saved and saved and how much more can we save, really? So yesterday, we on Saturday, we did the unthinkable for people who could lose half of their income: we bought a boat.

Not a yacht, exactly, it's a 13-year old 17-foot boat, but still I'm in awe that we bought it.

And not only bought it, but we freaking paid cash for the thing.

Maybe some will see it as irresponsible, but really? You only live once, right? And since we have no debt and that we've got more savings than 90 percent of Americans, why not live a little, right?

The reaction in the family was mixed.

Little Man was so excited about the boat, that if he wasn't potty trained, he probably would have peed his pants when he saw it in the garage, after Sweetie Pie brought it home.

Tiny Man couldn't have been any less impressed.

On Sunday, we took out the boat, something I expect that we'll be doing once a weekend for the rest of the summer and for many more summers to come, which is better than our old way of not spending money, which is sitting in our backyard staring at each other and wondering how much grass the dog will eat before he throws up.

Stupid me didn't take any pictures of the boat, but I did take pictures of my favorite boys, and this clearly shows their different reactions to the experience.

I haven't had this much fun being irresponsible since that summer I spent in Spain when I was 18 years old...




Loukia said...

Hahaha! You're hilarious, woman! You bought a boat! Well good for you! You do only live once! And you could use it to come back up to Canada if need be, where the economy is a bit better. I could get you a gov't job as soon as you washed the salt water from your hair! And, OMG - could your boys be any cuter? The little life jackets - I love them! I just bought some for my boys and they're so cute in them!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! Money well spent on many family memories for years to come! (I'm hoping to use the same justification next summer and have a pool installed!)

Nina Diane said...

I think that is fantastic!!!! You are going to have so much fun. We had a boat when we were first enjoyed it. Then the gas shortage happened and we were newly married, buying our first home and just couldn't swing it. I think it's are fueling the economy. I know Johnny and I are doing our part.....

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

YO GO GIRL!!! Boat on!!

Hallie :)

susan said...

ooooh - if there is a room for for another mama and tot you'd better invite us one day! too fun!!

random_mommy said...

You gotta live! Yay for the boat! And come on... worst case scenario you sell it. Not that irresponsible IMO!!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome. I have been reading your blog for a while now and remember Sweetie Pie yelling at you for leaving him 2.00 in the bank account to eat lunch. So, to hear that you have savings and bought a boat. That is so freaking awesome!!! Enjoy it - you EARNED it.

T with Honey said...

I'd definitely consider it an investment. Besides the awesome family memories you'll have the boat can always be sold if necessary.

Have fun!!

Haphazardkat said...

I'd say the big grin on Little Man's face is worth every dime spent on the boat :)
One question though...did you have a coupon for it?!! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's great! :) Little Man looks pleased as punch too! That is well worth it.

btw- it's me, Morgan, I had to change my blog address.

CPA Mom said...

hey lady, long time no see (i'm SO bad about reading my favorite peeps' blogs!)

I say GOOD ON YOU! No debt? Savings too? Paid cash? Will you adopt me?

Burgh Baby said...

Yay! I'm a wee bit jealous, but only because I lurve to ride on a boat the same way Little Man does. How about I take Tiny Man's spot?

Kila said...

Wow, awesome, good for you. I have no problem with it, since you were able to pay cash! (A customer at my agency took out a loan to buy a $60,000 boat, now that's insane.) Sounds like you guys would be OK if you did get laid off.

Schmoochiepoo said...

Wow wee! Now thats a boat!


{I'm a little jealous but will try not to be bitter when I climb into our 10ft 'bass boat' this summer.} LOL!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!!!! And living in the South you won't regret it!!! Hell, we live in Toronto - no longer have a cottage - and STILL won't sell our boat!!! (A 21ft SeaRay)

The only piss off is the $200 of gas it takes to boot around the lake... oh... and the marina fees, storage fees, lifting & dropping fees... but yeah... We LOVE our boat! And the kids think it's way cool. Hell, I jumped in the sack with J early cuz of the damn boat back in our dating days.

P.S. What kind did you get??!