Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Lady Comes to the Big Easy

So I mentioned in another post that I'm in New Orleans, something I was nervous about what with this being the murder capital and all.

I like to think I'm street smart, but that theory held its own until I lasted exactly three days when at 18 and in Barcelona for the summer, I was mugged at 3 a.m. In a dark alley. And then proceeded to fight with my attackers in an attempt to get this drunk American boy's fanny pack back. Who I barely knew and probably wasn't that cute, since I was sporting some thick beer goggles.

Somehow I managed to not get myself raped or killeda miraculous feat. But, if anything, that experience taught me that being raised in the tough streets of Suburban Ottawa, Montreal And Toronto might not have made me as street smart as you would think.

So whenever I travel to cities that have high crime rates, I don't trust myself.

And Monday once again proved to me that I shouldn't be allowed out of the house without adult supervision.

Upon landing in New Orleans, I made my way to the taxi stand. I always demand a cab that takes credit cards, so that I can use my corporate card instead of forking out the cash and waiting to get reimbursed.

The guy manning the taxi line pointed me to a gray cab with a man standing by the trunk. I walked over, smiled, said hi, and he opened the trunk for me a little bigger. I put my suitcase which contained my BREAST PUMP! And toiletries in it, and upon seeing him grab the handle of my carry on, which amongst other things (like all of my clothes) held my work laptop. I headed to the back passenger door and climbed into the cab.

And there, in the driver's seat was another man, who was clearly the real cab driver. As we drove away, I sat there, stunned that I had just given my laptop to a strange man, simply because he'd been standing near a trunk.

All's well that ends well, when we got to the hotel, both of my bags were there.

I guess strange trunk man decided I was too stupid for him to steal from




pam said...

I travel a lot for work and am naively trusting too. Knock wood I've never been harmed or burgled.

I hope the rest of your stay in LA goes well.

Morgan said...

Oh my goodness. Wow.

Rachel (Crazy-Is) said...

If you don't trust yourself in cities with high crime rates, you will never be able to visit me.

Haphazardkat said...

WOW!!! I so would have fallen for that too! Amazing you got your stuff back....i'm guessing the breast pump guilted him into returning it??

Loukia said...

Oh... cute story! ;)

justmylife said...

I can't believe that. So glad that you ended up having all of it. I wouldn't have thought twice about giving him my stuff, now I will. WOW, A public service message. heh!

A's Mom said...

I think that one would have fooled me too. Glad things turned out well.

Susan said...

I think you were wearing beer goggles again. The guy in the fron passenger seat was a DRIVING INSTRUCTOR and you got into a cab driven by a newbie. Glad you didn't crash and glad you made it to your destination with your breast pump AND products for your newly gray hair. Sorry...sorta. LOL

Burgh Baby said...

Tsk, tsk, tsk.