Monday, March 30, 2009

In 15 Years, I Will Marry That Boy

I never thought I'd be a cougar. Especially since I'm married and all. But last compliment I got from Sweetie Pie probably involved me not stinking up the bathroom.

Which he better change, and fast. Because Little Man's best friend? Who's all of three and a half? He's one smooth operator.

On Friday, with Tiny Man on my hip, I walked into Little Man's classroom, where he was busy working on puzzles with his best friend. Little Man's BFF glanced up at me and asked "Is that your little sister?"

Now some people might have gotten offended that someone thought their baby was of the opposite sex.

But me? Well, me, I was just freaking excited that the best friend assumed I was way too young to be a five-month old's mother.

Even though he always greets me with a "Hi, Little Man's Mommy!" And Little Man is three years older.

But I'm a cougar. And I don't need logic to get in the way of true love.




Emma in Canada said...

If I were Little Man I'd be pretty annoyed that my BFF didn't know my little sister was actually my little brother. Nevermind the fact that they are only 3. I expect extreme smarts from LM's friends.

Loukia said...

Haha... very cute, very cute! ;)

justmylife said...

Since my sons' friends are in the late teen and early manhood age it would be so creepy if I looked at them as anything other than their friends. heh! Though a couple of them are cuties, when they were younger I often said I was going to marry them when they got older, they were the sweetest things. I say be that cougar while they are young. heh!

Susan said...

Puurrrrrrrrrrr! (That's me rolling my r's. Which I can't do with my mouth or on the computer. But still).

the planet of janet said...


that is one smoooooth operator.