Friday, February 20, 2009

Considered Child Abuse in Eight States and Canada

Somewhere out there, Tiny Man's future girlfriends and wife are smiling, knowing that when the moment will be ripe for major embarrassment, I will pull out this picture.

Unfortunately for Tiny Man, it had to be done. Because three years ago, I did this to his big brother.

The most obvious thing here, besides the fact there is zero doubt these two kids come from the same gene pool, is the fact that Little Man? Had zero shame and would totally be game for anything, no matter how embarrassing. Tiny Man? Always has this WTF look on his face and is clearly thinking that someday, he'll get to pick my retirement home and will totally get even with me. Or he'll cut the brake wires on my old lady scooter and leave me at the top of that giant hill in San Francisco.




pam said...

Tiny Man also looks like he may be trying to flash you a certain finger as well.

random_mommy said...

I don't know how you get the hubby to go along with these pics... I would think he would boycott them!

Cute boys, so sweet!

A's Mom said...

Those are the cutest kids ever! Love the comparison between the two. Definitely going to be heart-breakers.

So what this done by the "Picture People"?

Loukia said...

Eeeek those are SO SO SO CUTE!

justmylife said...

I see a very cheap retirement home in your future! One where they duct tape the residents to the chairs. heh!! Adorable pictures, of course I am not the young man who will have these shown to his girlfriends, so what do I know.

the planet of janet said...

you are toast, my friend. they will KILL you when they're teenagers!

Haphazardkat said...

oh my sweet lord.
HA HA HA HA HA!!!! god, these are WONDERFUL!!!

Morgan said...

Those pictures are adorable. :)