Friday, December 19, 2008

Little Manisms

So I've said before that this kid? Is the funniest person I know. Here are the latest examples.

After naptime, sitting on the potty:

"Mama, am I big enough for dangerous things now?

- What kind of dangerous things?

- You know, sharp knives and scissors.

- Nope, you're not quite big enough.

- When will I be grown up for sharp knives and scissors? When I'm five I'll be grown up?

- Sure, when you're five, you'll be grown up.

- Can I have beer when I'm five?

- No, you're French. You can only have wine."


On the way to the grocery store:

"Do you want to ride in one of those car-shaped carts, Little Man?

- Yes, and I'm going to turn the steering wheel!

- Are you going to drive really fast?

- Maybe..."


On the way to the pharmacy:

"Mama, why do we have to pay for things in the stores?

- Because it's not our stuff until we pay for it. If we take it without paying, that's called stealing, and people go to jail when they steal."

The entire time we're in the pharmacy, every time I'd put something in the cart, as loud as can be, when he's usually the quietest kid around:


Yeah, I don't know where the again came from, for the record, I have never been convicted of shoplifting or anything else.


As I'm putting him in the car, when we're late going to my mother-in-law's.

"We've got to hurry, Little Man, Nonnie must be wondering where we are!

- We're right here!!!!"



12 comments: said...

I love that he said the shoplifting thing! Sounds just like him. And, like mine yesterday at Jason's Deli next to the cops saying, "THEY AREN'T GIVING US A TICKET, MOMMA." Kids. And, what's SP gonna say about the no beer?

Have fun with the family!

AndreAnna said...

The stealing comment made me laugh out loud!

Ms. Porter said...

I loved the stealing comment too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Once again, because of you, I now have to clean coffee off my monitor.

beach mama said...

Little boys are hilarious!! I need to really start writing down some stuff the Kid says b/c 2 minutes later I forget and get all pissed.

the planet of janet said...


he's hilarious, really. he should do standup.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I am gonna be some pissed if I find out after al this time that you are a blogger with a record!! Little Man didnt just add in the AGAIN for nothing!! I think he's trying to tell us something.


alperenl said...


isimsiz said...


Emma in Canada said...

Here, I thought you said you were going to be too drunk with family around to post, and here you are with what? 3 in 2 days? I did see the thing on facebook about them late so perhaps you have yet to start drinking?

Rachel said...

Am I the only one that noticed that you said you have never been convicted, but didn't say you'd never been in jail?

Katie said...

OMG! The 'don't go to jail again' thing made me laugh SOOO hard I seriously cried! OMG, I can't wait til I can start understanding all the things I know my 2.5 year old is saying that must be sooo cute! These are FABULOUS!