Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Who Needs TV When You've Got Toddler Entertainment

Recent Little Man gems:

When asking for his music CD in the car: "Can you put on my ABCD?"


A song comes on that has a line that says "the elephant slurps the water."

Little Man: "I don't slurp the water.

- No, you don't, you have good manners.

- Yeah, I careful in the water. I don't slurp, I walk very slowly so I no slurp.

- Uhm, I think you mean "slip."

- Yeah, that's what I said.


"Little Man, you need to go wash your hands.

- Open donkey!

- ??????"

A little later:

"Hey, Little Man, dinner's ready!

- Open donkey!

- ???????? (lightbulb goes off over my head) Do you mean okie dokie?

- Yeah, that's what I said, open donkey."


"So Little Man, did Daddy drive you to school this morning?

- Yeah.

- Was it fun riding in Daddy's truck?

- (pause) Daddy drive really slow."


"Little Man, did you have fun playing with baby M.?

- Yeah. But he TOUCH MY HAIR! (looking very offended)

- She touched your hair? Isn't that ok?

- No, it not ok.

- Oh. Do I need to have her killed for her crimes?

- Yes, thank you Mama.

- I was just kidding.

- It not funny."

Apparently, the dude takes his hair very seriously.




Julie said...

Too cute!

Has he asked for hair gel?

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

In Little Man's honor, I will attempt to use OPEN DONKEY at least once a day!!

I love it!


Rosie : ) said...

I love those random snippets of conversation!

Thanks for keeping track of those, I seem to have a hard time remembering all my kid's comments. :(

Marmarbug said...

Love it. I am totally going to start to say Open donkey.

Morgan said...

Open Donkey! hahahahaha! That is wonderful! :)

Jordan said...

AHH, he's perfect! And I love how resistant he is to your attempts at correcting him: "Yeah, that's waht I SAID..." Perfect.

Susan said...

Love him! And I, too, vow to say Open Donkey at least once a day. Too cute!

the planet of janet said...

can we make a new gang? the open donkey gang?

open donkey, i'm shutting up now.

Colleen said...

"I walk very slowly so I no slurp."

that is too cute!

anglophilefootballfanatic.com said...

Oddly mine gets in the car when Dad drives and says, "Daddy slow DOWN. Daddy speeds. He gets a ticket." OR if he's in the mood for speed, "PUNCH IT!"

Kathryn said...

HA! What a cutie!
"Open donkey!" hehehe

That Chick Over There said...

Well, have rocking hair IS really important.

David said...

New phrase adopted into my world.

Open Donkey!

Sandi said...

Everyone needs a little open donkey in their lives!

Bren said...

Heh, mine says Dad drives too fast. Open donkey is priceless!

Anonymous said...

What? You DON'T take YOUR hair seriously??

justmylife said...

I am handing out an award and I saved one just for you. Come by and get it when you can.

Rachel said...

I would totally steal that boy if I lived there!