Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend Recap

A few highlights from my weekend:


Little Man keeps jumping on me on the couch and I keep trying to shield my expanding mid-section.

Sweetie Pie "You probably shouldn't let him jump on your gut like that."

Clarification for the two men who sometimes read my blog? Don't ever call your wife's pregnant belly a gut. Not if you have hopes of ever getting you some somethin' somethin' ever again.


I took Little Man to his ever Kids' Workshop at The Home Depot.

The Home Depot used to be a client of mine in an old life and I always knew that the second I had a kid who was old enough to attend, I'd attend every month with them. ALthough Little Man is probably still too young to really attend, I dragged him anyway, thinking he'd have a blast.

He was given a little orange apron with his name on it, which he promptly refused to wear.

This month's project was a wooden planter, and I had Little Man put in the nails in the pre-drilled holes for me. He happily did so, but when it came time to hammer the nails in, he told me "I hammer the table, you hammer the nails."

Well, as long as we each had our responsibility, right?

My planter? Is a little crooked. But it now sits, painted by Little Man on our front porch with two potted flowers in it. And it looks awesome if I say so myself. Nope, I don't have a picture to post of it.


Me to Sweetie Pie on Saturday night: "You need to go put Little Man to bed right now and hurry up, because I am H-O-R-N-Y like I have never been in my entire life."

The ambulance service had to be called to revive my husband who never thought that would ever happen to him in a million years.

This pregnancy? Might end up being more fun than the last one if my hormones decide to act up like this.


I went on a walk with Little Man and as we were walking, I spotted some ants. "Look Little Man! Some ants!" I squatted down and he did the same. Little Man stared silently at the ants going about their business for about five seconds and then said "No more ants, we have to walk now."

Should The Biggest Loser be looking for a new trainer, I know where they can find one.




David said...

You went to Home Depot on the "drop-off-all-that-shit-you-don't-know-what-to-do-with-unless-its-hazardous " day? Or, at least that's what it was at all the HDs around

A brave, brave woman....

I bet its the best planter ever....

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Burgh Baby's Mom said...

On purpose? You took LM to Home Depot for project day on purpose? That's like telling your husband you want to have sex. Oh wait, you did that, too.

Good thing you're pregnant. Otherwise I would think you are just plain crazy.

Rachel said...

I can't understand where LM gets that bossiness from.

Mamma Schmoo said...

Ants? What I would do to see ants!!! There may very well be ants under the foot of snow that we received this weekend.....gotta love Canada!

Emma in Canada said...

LOL @ Rachel.

Ah, pregnany horniness. Mine never went away, and I swear to God Himself is quite sick of me.

Kathryn said...

I missed the pregnancy horniness. I always thought it was an urban legend. Damn!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I was a freakin horny goat thru both of my pregnancies - couldn't get enough of my man!!

And as for HD? Since my man is a big wig at the old HD, we thank you for dropping by to make what I'm sure is the very best project ever made....EVER!!


fantasticvoyage said...

dude, i am jealous at your horniness.

Joy T. said...

Ah yes, the pregnany horniness hormones. My husband really misses those days. And I've been in Home Depot when they are holding those little workshops and the kids in them are just priceless. So neat how they have things like that nowadays.

squishytushy said...

Little Man needs to come to my house... I need someone to whip my fat ass into shape, and SOON! The hot dog vendors are out in Toronto... and that means only one thing... SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!!!

monster's momma said...

You are reading my mind....and then actually doing these things...while I don't. lol. First Horton and now Home Depot kids project! (I was afraid they'd give me the boot for bringing a toddler -I'm such a wuss). btw, Lowes has a class too!