Friday, March 07, 2008

Working on Driving With Babies on my Lap and Shaving My Head

So except for this blog's readers, my immediate family, four coworkers and my best friend, no one knows I'm pregnant.

I think some people might read that sentence and think "how weird she'd tell hundreds of strangers around the world before most of her friends," but I think you should change your outlook and think "wow, as one of her readers, I'm as important as family or her best friend, I need to send Catwoman lots of chocolate and Paul Walker naked."

The other day, I get the following two emails from one of my really good friends in Canada.

The first one read the following:

"Subject: Your dad is on TV

your dad is on tv! Whoo-hoo!"

This isn't too surprising, because my dad is one of those lovable people with a great PR firm, so he's on television or in the newspapers (in Canada anyway) at least a few times a year.

But it's always nice to hear from a friend and it's always fun when one of my friends spots my dad on television.

The second email read this:

"Subject: ok who's pregnant

apparently there's another grandkid on the way....

so who is it......

tell me tell me tell me"

Apparently? My dad? He went on national television in Canada and mentioned that he's got another grandchild on the way. All of Canada was told that I'm pregnant (although my friend wasn't sure if it was me or my sister) by my father on national television. Isn't this so Britney Spears of me? That my friends find out from the media that I'm with child.

This totally made me giggle and I feel like emailing Britney and telling her "OMG, it's like so awkward when your friends find out personal things about you from the news! You want to like go Mercedes shopping in our wedding dresses together?"

Oh, wait. I don't fit in my wedding dress anymore. Oh well, I'll just borrow one from Brit.

The funny thing is? My mother called me last week to tell me my 87-year old widowed grandfather, who lives in France, is very depressed. So I told her I'd call him and tell him I'm pregnant to give him something to look forward to this fall. My mother, was all like "I don't know, what if he tells people and something happens?"

And I'm all like "uhm... They live in France. Not like I'll be walking down the street in Texas and they'll hurt my feelings."

So my mother finally agreed to let me tell my grandfather.

A few days later? My dad, the normal one in the family, the one whose genes I like to think I inherited, excitedly tells an entire country.

I don't think I've posted much about my dad on this blog. Only because he's normal, I guess, so it doesn't make for great blog fodder. But for the record? I love the man and he puts a big smile on my face.




Burgh Baby's Mom said...

What? No poop update? I'll take no news as good news.

Your Dad is so sweet! Can I have him?

AndreAnna said...

My dad is a wanker. Can I borrow yours?

And that story is so cute! I am so happy for you!

Krystyn said...

Sounds like my dad...except he's not on tv. He would just tell anybody who would listen (and then embellish a lot).

random_mommy said...

he sounds adorable!

David said...

Sounds like a proud grandpa!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I love your Dad.

How sweet!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Your Dad sounds so sweet!!

I'm with Burgh Baby's Mom: no update on fecal issues?


Julie said...

I LOVE that your dad is so proud and excited to be a grandpa again that he told all of Canada!

nottryingforaboy said...

My FIL who is also fairly well known in Canada surprisingly enough would pull the exact same thing. Good thing we're in Chicago.

Emma in Canada said...

So your dad has a PR firm and you're in PR but you didn't intend on going into PR? I would say it was written in the stars. Or the genes. Or something.

CBC? CTV? Global? Does Canada have any other national channels? I'd like a link please, so I can look for your dad on TV a few times a year and say to William "Hey, I know his daughter!" And then William can tell me I am such a geek.

Morgan Leigh said...

Your dad sounds like a sweety. And, obviously, he's very excited for you! :) Did you read my blog post about you? You should totally get around to that. LOL. :)

Nina Diane said... now all of the US and Canada knows! that's so special :)

Karen said...

There aren't many secrets in your family, are there?

Anonymous said...

Well now. I think he so got you beat. You got to tell the internet, but he told a whole country. Way to be one upped by your Dad.

Lynsey said...

Paul Walker just got up and he's on his way!

That's so funny your dad did that--how can you not smile?!


Slick said...

Forget Paul Wanker naked...

I want your autograph!! :)

Please, I'd milk the attention for all it's worth...but I'm greedy like that.

Daphne said...

My mom told several of my old friends that I was preg. before I even had a chance to tell my hubby.
{I was visiting her when I found out & didn't want to tell hubby over the phone}

Oh, and when you're done with Paul, could you send him my way??

That Chick Over There said...

That is probably one of the sweetest things I've ever read.

A's Mom said...

Too cool! Now two entire countries know you are pregnant! What a day to celebrate. Have some sparkling apple cider on me!

Gerbil said...

heh. Subtle, dad, subtle!

Rachel said...

Sounds like he's a pretty excited grandpa!

Jamie said...

I guess you kinda know how our Senator Larry Craig here in Idaho felt. Being called out before you were ready, and not on your terms LOL!

Retain a lwayer FAST!!!!

Kathryn said...

Oh that is really cute. Ya gotta love a happy grandpa. :)

Anonymous said...

What a great story!!!