Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Unfairness Of Life

On Friday, Little Man started his new school. When I picked him up that night, he seemed content, running around the library because all that reading can suddenly give you the urge to run laps, you know?

In his backpack was a goodie bag and his teacher told me that he picked the best day to start, as there had been a birthday party for a girl in his class.

On Monday, as we were driving to school, I asked Little Man if he was excited about going to his new school again. "Yeah!," he replied. "I love cupcakes!"

I was confused. What does school have to do with cupcakes? And then I remembered the birthday party. So I said: "Did you have cupcakes at the birthday party on Friday?

- Yeah! Yummy cupcakes! I love cupcakes!

- Well, uhm, there probably won't be cupcakes today, Little Man. Uhm, it's probably not someone's birthday again.

- I going to eat one cupcake! No! NO! I going to eat two cupcakes today.

- But the school doesn't have cupcakes every day.

- Yes, school have cupcakes! I love cupcakes!"

I warned the teacher who hauled my screaming and crying Little Man to the gym that morning, that he might be upset today as he realizes that the new school? It doesn't have cupcakes every day the way he'd determined from his first and only day there.

That night, when I picked him up, he seemed majorly bummed.

"Did you have fun today, Little Man?

- (pause) Yeah.

- What did you do today.

- (longer pause) Mama, why cupcakes go bye bye? I like cupcakes."

Note to self: Next time I change my son's school, make sure that it's not on a day where they have freaking cupcakes.




Haphazardkat said...

awww. dammit, buy that boy a cupcake!!! *cries*

monster's momma said...

Little Man kills me! love him!

Morgan Leigh said...

Poor, poor little man. My son? Refuses to call them "cupcakes" he says they are "cake", LOL.

Um, I don't know what else to say, as what I did say? Had nothing to do with your story. Sorry.

I agree with the person above, buy him a cupcake! :)

Ms. Porter said...

no fair!

Blue Momma said...

Poor Little Man! He's too cute to be disappointed like that.

I hope you bought him a cupcake.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Your list of 5 is excellent!

ANd I get royally bummed if someone forgets to give me a cupcake too!

Leave the little dude alone - he's a man who appreciates a frosted bake good!!

Hallie :)

random_mommy said...

lollipops. give him dum dum lollipops. then run out the door and leave the daycare workers to deal with the slobbery stick, sticky fingers, and jealous kids.

A's Mom said...

Poor little man.

Squishy Tushy said...

Ridiculously cute... and I know exactly how he feels. Except for me? It's all about Terry's Chocolate Orange. Sure it's crazy yummy, but there's also just something about whacking your big ball o' chocolate as hard as humanly possible and while it's not just okay, it's absolutely mandatory.

Anonymous said...

Little Man, I SO feel your pain!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Or, make sure you supply him with a month's worth of cupcakes for lunchtime.

Really, who doesn't love a good cupcake?

Julie said...

Oh, now I want a cupcake!

Rachel said...

You did go get him a cupcake, right??? Poor baby!

Elle said...

Poor guy.... honestly is a cupcake so much to ask for? LOL. Well hopefully he gets over the cupcakes, and just enjoys school!

Jesse said...

Poor baby we all know how it feels when there aren't any cupcakes; mmm and nice tall glass of milk to go with it.

Bren said...

I know everyone else has said it, but I really hope you bought him a cupcake. That is just too sweet!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Oh, Little Man, come over to my house. I'll douse you with some sugary delights. Poor guy. Go bye-bye? That's so pathetic.