Monday, January 21, 2008

Well, I'm Back

So I've been missing, I guess. Only a couple of days, but enough for two people to notice and worry. Thanks AFF and My Minivan is Faster Than Yours. Your love is enough to convince me not to run off to a deserted island and throw my feces at any planes that try to rescue me.

It's not that I haven't wanted to blog, I have, it's just that my life was turned completely upside down last week and I was too busy trying to fix the situation to have a time to do normal things like blog. Or work.

I've made the situation sound very titillating (one of my favorite words of all times, by the way), and for that, I apologize, because, unfortunately, my life isn't that exciting.

Do you remember what it was like to search for your soulmate? Remember how time consuming it was to get drunk in bars and flirt with a cute specimen, only to discover he laughed like a hyena and had bad breath?

This is what my last week has involved. Except for the man part. I've already got one of them, and considering he's decided that he's going to get me knocked up, no more excuses for why I'm not in the mood, well, let's just say that this every other night thing would prevent me from even having the energy to lift my eye lids long enough to realize that Tom Brady is standing in front of me naked. I'd probably just ask him to get to the store and find me some chocolate.

I'm not talking about finding a man, I'm talking about finding a new daycare for Little Man. And as hard as I thought man hunting was, I have to say, daycare shopping is way more grueling and with a much higher level of stress. I mean, pick the wrong man, and you're just stuck with him for the rest of your life (or 55 hours, if you're Britney Spears in Vegas). Pick the wrong daycare, and you have fucked up your child for the rest of his life, and he will live in your basement when he's 40 (and we don't even have basements in Texas) and ask you for weed money.

Makes the man hunting seem like you're picking out underwear, doesn't it?

So what's led me to this point? A number of things really. This is the story of my life. Little annoyances arise, I brush them aside, because who wants to be the psycho mom who complains that the art program has slid lately, and the children are given one crayon with one page of a coloring book instead of getting to release their inner Picassos with finger paints and other mediums like glitter pens and felt markers. I'd do these things at home, but you know, I've got beige carpeting and glitter wouldn't match the dog vomit stains. But more and more little annoyances accumulated and when Little Man has shown serious signs of distress the last three weeks, begging me not to leave him there, like I was abandoning him in a war zone somewhere, that's when I began to really get irked.

Things like I've caught the afternoon teacher yelling at the kids three times now. When we raise our voice to Little Man when needed, but we never scream while simultaneously spitting venom like she does. Which I know must cause distress to Little Man.

Or the fact that the school now gives kids gatorade with snacks instead of the 100 percent fruit juice they are supposed to be.

Or the fact that the child/teacher ratio in Little Man's class has risen to the state limits, when we pay more for this school because they're supposed to keep the level below.

I sent management a long letter early last week demanding an answer about the upcoming transition of all of the kids in Little Man's class, since the class above has no permanent teacher and is in utter chaos.

I cc'd on it five other parents who had the same concerns.

She? Has yet to respond to me. And so on Wednesday, I had it. And decided there and then to pull Little Man from that school. As soon as I found something better, that is.

And so I spent the rest of the week scouring the Internet for schools and looking up their safety records, parent reviews. Google is so sick of my searches, I'm pretty sure I've messed up their search numbers, making it seem like all of America is looking for "North Texas daycares that don't suck."

I've visited so many daycares at this point, that I can easily tell you how many daycares are withing a 10-mile radius of any building in the greater-Dallas area.

I've now whittled it down to three choices. Tomorrow, I'm taking a half-day and I'm going to take Little Man to my top two, maybe three if there's time.

Once I see if he seems to favor one over the others, I will make my decision, and we'll start anew.

You're really disappointed that while taking a dump I didn't have one of my butt cheeks eaten by a giant snake that someone flushed down the toilet, aren't you?




Anonymous said...

I noticed you were gone. I figured you were just busy being...well, you know....busy.

Anyway--I? Am so NOT jelous of you right now. I would hate dropping Morgan off and seeing her NOT want to be somewhere. I'm sure that sucked balls. But, you're the Fantastic Catwoman--you always find a way to make things good.

Looking forward to the update!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I was one day from asking AFF to verify that you hadn't been bitten by that snake. But now that I know what you've been up to, I think I would rather that it had been the snake. Daycare "shopping" SUCKS. Big time. I cannot stand the owner of our center and could complain about her for days. But 90% of what happens between those walls is the right stuff, so we continue on (the other 10% is the food issues, but since we send all meals, it's an annoyance I can tolerate).

Good luck.

AndreAnna said...

I noticed too but figured that like everyone else, life happens.

And it did, and I'm glad you're being so proactive about it.

I can't imagine how hard it must be to leave your kid somewhere he doesn't want to be, but I know you'll fix it soon. :)

beebop said...

one crayon? lame.
gatorade? lame.
daycare shopping? lame.

sorry for the lameness you are encountering lately. hopefully you find a new happy place for littleman.

i went a different route after being fed up with TP's daycare & found a perfectly wonderful babysitter @ her own home. who only watches TP & her own son. it was the best switch evaaaaaah!!!

Morgan Leigh said...

I noticed! I just didn't want to ask, I figured you were busy, and man...I would not want to be in your situation. I am really, really worried about putting my kids in daycare and somehow screwing them up. I hope that you find one you like tomorrow! And, for the record, I'm glad a snake didn't bite off half of your behind, because then, you would have been gone for longer. ((hugs)) :)

Sandy said...

Sorry your reason for ignoring us wasn't more fun! I, like everyone else (almost), just assumed you were trying to bone up for your next test!

Good luck with the day care shopping.

Beccy said...

You're dead right to get onto them as they are responsible for providing the right type of care for all the children in their school. Good luck with your search, hope you find a good one!

CPA Mom said...

holy hell, if you think day care is bad, wait until you have to pick his school! I'm with you, it's hard to find quality day care and decide on schools...where to put our precious BAY-BEES??? Good luck, I've totally been there.

Ms. Porter said...

That does suck. It sounds like you've done the worst of it though, the research. At least you have some choices. Good for you for pulling him out, no point in letting them figure out what the heck they are doing while they care for YOUR kid. Are other parents doing anything about it? Good luck...I hope the first one you visit today is an amazing place and Little Man loves it instantly.

Shari said...

Oh I so feel your pain. We've opted to have our little man in an in home daycare since he's an infant and it has been complete hell until his current babysitter...

Good luck in your search... Nothing makes me feel more inadequate than trying to make sure my son doesn't live in my basement as an adult.

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

That kid live in a basement? Hardly. He's shy, but I think your Sweetie Pie would learn him a thing or three before letting him camp out asking for weed. Good luck with the search. I'm having similar issues with preschools. I can only imagine how much harder finding an everyday place would be.

Rachel said...

I didn't notice. I admit it. But, I also wasn't so much on the computer this weekend. I was sick and what not.

But, I know how tiring and time consuming finding a day care can be. I hope that Little Man likes one of these 3 so you can start getting back to normal (snicker).

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Good lord woman!! You had me until you damn went and ruined it with that DUMP WITH A SNAKE NITE COMMENT!!


Now I can't even think about your poor dayscare issue cuz I'm too busy worrying about losing an ass cheek to a python!! THANKS.


Jesse said...

I can't imagine what it must be like to have to find a good daycare. I haven't had to do that yet; anyway I hope you find a great one soon.

Squishy Tushy said...

Seriously? Do people in Texas really flush giant snakes???

Nina Diane said...

whoa.......glad you're back! Have fun with that daycare stuff. I can imagine it's pretty tough trying to find the right daycare. My daughter has my grandson at a private home daycare......she only has 4 other kids so it's pretty good. Little Man will let you know where he needs to be.....

Blue Momma said...

The daycare situation sucks. We had problems earlier this year and I hated it. Leaving them somewhere they don't want to be is so hard.

I tell you what. If you don't mind the drive, just bring him by my house each day and I'll watch him for you. Won't even charge you!!!

Haphazardkat said...

er...yeah. Daycare teacher screaming while spitting venom would be my clue to get your precious little man OUTTA there! If she did that in front of you, imagine how she is alone with these kids. *shudder*

It is very hard to find good daycare. I'm glad I'm past that stage and onto preteen back sassing eyerolls.

Good times. Good times. :)

Anonymous said...

My BIL and SIL live in the Wylie, and they loved the school that my neice went to. But I don't know where in Dallas you are?
I am not fond of the daycare search, ick I would rather cut my toes off.

Katie said...

I have just been through your pain! And in Dallas, too. I work in Addison and live in Lewisville. I swear I interviewed every in-home daycare and daycare West of the Tollway. I finally found the PERFECT place for my 20 month old!! Today's Child Montessori. It's at Marsh and Trinity Mills, so I don't know if that's out of question based on where you live/work, but Cael is now in his third week there and he LOVES it!!!!! AND bonus... it's AFFORDABLE and he gets to do ALL kinds of activites and even gets to go to many different classrooms throughout the day for variety. He loves "SCHOOO!" almost as much as he loves me. ;-) If you decide to visit, be sure to tell them Cael's mom sent ya!

A's Mom said...

I've read allot about moms and dads having a hard time finding good quality day care (try "quality" in google next time - just kidding). Good to know for the future that it's going to be a tough decision. Not looking forward to it.

hotshuz said...

Too funny. just ran across your journal.

M said...

ugh. this? is why i'm so glad i'm not working and when i did we had it scheduled just barely perfect so that liam was home with one of us the entire time. this would drive me in. fucking. sane. i hate the idea of daycare shopping. talk about serious stress.