Friday, January 25, 2008

The Mama Mafia Hitwoman

I have been up to no good this week, my pretties. You see, just like my alias, Catwoman, I mean to be good and I purr and lick, but when the black leather comes on (since that's what a couple of readers figure I must wear), I can be very, very bad, Meow!

I mentioned at some point last week or this week (it's Friday, I'm too tired to open another window, look through my blog and figure which day this was) that I was having daycare issues. After dealing with a miserable child who didn't want to be dropped off and who I often picked up in tears for the past three weeks, I was pretty much emotionally done. I figured, however, that he was just going through a phase, another separation anxiety phase, and I figured that worst case scenario, I could call Fergie and see if she could teach me how to do meth, and at least the wailing wouldn't seem so bad.

Then another Mama from the daycare contacted me to see if I'd noticed anything weird with the daycare, because her daughter was suddenly miserable. Timing of her attitude change? Early January, just like my son.

That's when my Spidey senses went into overdrive (oh go with the stupid metaphor, will ya?) and I knew that I wasn't just being psycho over-protective mother, that there really was something wrong. Upon inquiries with a few other moms, discovered that their child was in the same boat.

On Tuesday, I took Little Man to two schools, one which was my top choice and one I hadn't visited yet, but sounded promising online. We started with the school I hadn't visited yet, and I almost ran out of there before we'd even set foot in the building. Without sounding really horribly snotty, this looked like a daycare from the ghetto. It was run down and I hated it. I couldn't have imagined leaving Little Man there. Yet, they charged the same as the brand spanking new school that was my top choice. And they didn't provide lunch at the ghetto school, which meant that Little Man would have probably shown up on most days with some cold McDonald, because I don't know if I can ever be organized enough to make lunches, considering Sweetie Pie starves on most days, because I can't find the time to make him a lunch. (and yes, he could very well make his own damn lunch) Or Little Man would be the kid who has a Lunchable meal every day.

Either way, it wouldn't work.

So we went to his new school, I spit out a huge deposit which cleared our account 8 days before payday, making it impossible for me to buy myself a lunch for the rest of the pay period. And that was that. Notice was given to his current school and as of next Friday, Little Man will be gone from there.

But the story doesn't end there. When I gave my notice, the principal came out and all of a sudden pretended to be very alarmed and concerned. So I told her the truth, for the most part about my concerns, although it was a very restrained version, because my son has to be there another week, and I didn't want them to hate him.

I then went to work and sent an email to all of the Mamas I knew from the class and told them we were leaving. It was a very sterile email, no "this place is hell!" or anything like that. Just hey, nice to meet you, hopefully our paths cross again someday.

I figured if any of them wrote me back asking why we were leaving (I sure as hell would), then I'd tell them the truth.

Only one did, out of the eight.

So I told her the truth and ends up her daughter is miserable too, but she was assured by management that it's just a phase. This woman? She's a lawyer. Her last email to me came after I'd left for the day. It said that she'd be giving them an earful.

I'm not sure if she mentioned my name in her earful to the principal, but it'd be pretty easy to figure out that I was the poop disturber that caused this confrontation.

The next morning, when I went to drop off Little Man, his morning teacher told me she heard he was leaving and asked me why. I told her the truth, since I love her and trust her and she has nothing to do with my issues. She told me she was miserable too, that management had become horrid to the teachers the last few months and that she was looking to leave. She then asked me for a reference.

The principal walked in and saw me talking to the teacher and instead of asking for the number of kids in the class, like she always does, she made a bee line for the teacher, she didn't acknowledge me, just grabbed the teacher and told her they needed to talk and took her out of the classroom. When the teacher returned, she told me that the principal asked her if she was happy, was everything ok, etc. I guess she thought I was trying to poach one of their best teachers or something.

When I wasn't, I was just being a sounding board.

But it pissed me off. And during my two-minute commute to work from the daycare, I plotted. And I remembered that I had seen a classifieds page on the Internet with ads from all of the area-schools currently looking for teachers. And I decided that I? On my last day? Will be printing out that page for the three teachers I love and giving it to each one with my business card and letting them know that if they want to look elsewhere, I want to make their life easier and that way, they'll have my contact information for references.

You don't mess with the Mama Mafia.




AndreAnna said...

You go girl!

I'm glad you found a new place. I hope it works out for you both.

Anonymous said...

Good for you. I'm thrilled Little Man is going to a new school. I'm already dreading any issues with brain is spinning from the ones I've checked into and I just want to vomit.


Sandy said...

I hope your little guy loves his new daycare. I hope someone somewhere, maybe you, maybe the lawyer mom, drops a little note to the licensing authorities. Not normal for all those kids who loved school to all of a sudden not love school at the same time.

You did good.

Rachel said...

I am so glad that you found a new place for Little Man!!! And, make sure they know that the Mama Mafia is not just a state agency. We are nationwide, bitches!

Morgan Leigh said...

Hahahahaha! You are teh awesome! You have some guts, because I? would be waaaaaaaay to chicken shit to do that! :)

That is why I *heart* you!


Emma in Canada said...

Sometimes reading about daycare issues makes me grateful that William doesn't want me to work fulltime. So what if out of 7 days we never spend a full one together? And we're poor as sin? At least I don't have to deal with psychotic daycare management. And I know it's like this here to, as my friend was fired from her job in a daycare for complaining that one of the staff members hit a child.

Good for you for taking a stand and doing what's best for Little Man!

Jesse said...

Good for you-I feel sorry for those good teachers that are left in that hell hole. I hope you and Little Man like the daycare you picked out. Oh and have you taken a test yet or are you waiting until tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you found one that will meet your needs. And, that's crazy that only one of eight parents even cares. SCARY!! I wonder why they made such an about face at the old school?? Strange.

You go and get 'em, Mafia Don(na)

Julie said...

Us Mamas have a lot of power! You have to do what's right for you and Little Man. I hope he loves his new school!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You go girl!!! Don't piss off mama bear!!


myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

One of my girlfriends is in the middle of moving states, and hence, looking for a new preschool for her 3 yo. OMG! So stressful! Of course, half the schools require an entrance exam. After all, he WILL be in Pre-K next year, and we all know that's make it or break it time.

Good thing my kids are geniuses. But in the event they're not, I'll keep them at their current preschool where the biggest stress they have all day is to decide which color to use to draw outside the lines!

Squishy Tushy said...

Geez Lousie... you're friggin' hardcore.

Nina Diane said...

way to go girlie!
I just can't believe that other moms were not concerned enough to email you back.....not good.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Yay! For finding a new daycare so quickly! I hope the transition goes smoothly.

Didja' know that I once got a daycare teacher fired? Oh yes, I did. It was either her or my kid and I guess the owner liked my kid more. It probably helped that I threw a gigantic fit and contacted all sorts of parents just like you did. Together, we could rock this world.

Haphazardkat said...

Way to tune into your spidey Momma sense and get him the heck out of there!!
And way-to-go with helping out the good teachers!
You totally rock, Chickie. Totally.

Beccy said...

Good for you, it's great to see you so proactive.

Joy T. said...

I have always relied on my spidey senses and they've never failed me yet. Sounds like you did the best thing for Little Man and hopefully those smiles will return and it won't be so hard to drop him off any more.

Daphne said...

Dang something up at that place! Glad you got him out of there!!


M said...

you so rock on so many levels. times eleventy billion. go you!