Monday, January 28, 2008

A Glimpse Into My Future

On Tuesday, I wrote a really large check to Little Man's daycare, because they request first and last month's fees, plus the annual registration fee, plus the annual supply fee when you register. This was the equivalent of paying three month's daycare in one month (since I already paid for the month of January at his current daycare), I convinced the new daycare to let me pay for the first month on his first day there, so that I wouldn't have to go sell a kidney to pay for the whole amount, and they let me do so. Which was nice, because I'd like to keep my kidneys, just in case someone I love needs one.

I've been talking about how Little Man has cried every day and begged me not to leave him at school.

Well, that is, until Friday. On Friday, he happily yelled "BYE!" at me while cheerfully waving at me and proceeded to play with his friends.

This morning, with only four days left at his old day care, same thing. He was eating his breakfast, I gently told him that he would play, eat lunch, nap and then play some more and then I was going to come and get him and he just said "OK! BYE!" and waved at me like I was totally embarrassing him in front of the cool kids.

And deep down, I know that it doesn't really change anything. That Little Man is happier there because I rallied enough parents to complain about the teacher who yells, so that she's changed her attitude and is being nicer to the kids when I've snuck up on the class and watched her. But once a yeller, always a yeller, and I figure there's only so long she can fake it. Plus, the class above Little Man's, that he's supposed to transition to next month is in total disarray.

But because he's suddenly happy again, there's a little itty bitty part of me that thinks "what the hell?", because now, starting Friday, I'm going to have to deal with a miserable clingy child who has to adjust to a brand new school. Which wouldn't have been so bad, except for the fact that he's now decided he loves his old school.

Is this what it's like to have a teenager?




Sandy said...

Not even close! So, you are right. His teacher did not have a personality transplant. She is faking it. He will have a terrific last week at his old daycare. He will adjust beautifully to his new daycare. You will know that you did what is right.

He will find new ways to torment you. Trust me, he

myminivanisfasterthanyours said...

Our preschool director calls it "frustration line." Whatever hers is, it STILL is! And yes, next week may suck the big one, but if the next class is also in disarray...YUCK! I hate disarray in preschool. I prefer to keep my kids' disarray at our house. And closets. And garage. And...

A decision well made, my friend!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about teens, but I think even if he is initially clingy/upset, you are making the right decision.

Ms. Porter said...

Just think, leaving his old day care happily will only make going to the new one that much easier. You've done the right thing, good for you.
PS-thanks for letting me know not to put the entire can of cranberries in the sauce...yikes!!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

See, but now that you've written that he's not minding daycare, he will go back to hating it. That's how it works. Either way, you're doing the right thing by moving him. It sounds like you would need to do it before he moved up to the next class, so you might as well just be done with it.

Morgan Leigh said...

You are right, the teacher is just being nice to make people happy right now. She's not changing for the long run. You might have to deal with screaming and fussing for a little while from him, but I'm sure he'll begin to love it. :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Having a teenager is a experience you just have to "experience" for yourself! It's a wonder we made it out alive with CJ!

Thanks for entering the contest!!

Hallie :)

Crown Princess said...

I love that you call him Lil Man, that is my son's name too. Tag your it....directions over at my blog.

Beccy said...

Not that I wnt to put you off but having teenagers is another thing entirely.

We're going through the lows and lows of teenage life at the moment but I can't blog about it because my blog isn't anonymous. I was thinking yesterday 'give me three kids under three years any day'!

I hope the new day care works out.

Rachel said...

It may be a little crazy and frustrating a first, but you and LM will slide into a nice, comfortable routine. And you will both be happier!

Wow, could I have sounded any more Donna Reedish!

Blue Momma said...

When I moved Punkin - and just to another room at the same place - it was way traumatic for both of us, but probably more for me. He wanted to stay in his old room, but I wasn't comfortable with it.

Now? He loves the new room and we are both happy. Hopefully the both of you will be happy at the new place. He's lucky to have such a good mama!