Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Being Thankful

Since it's the day before Thanksgiving, I thought I'd just blog about the things I'm thankful for:

- I'm thankful for my wonderful Little Man, who's smart, funny, healthy and loves me so much that I'm reduced to tears just thinking about it.

- I'm thankful for being healthy, albeit overweight if you look at my body mass index (BMI).

- I'm thankful for maternity pants, despite not being pregnant, since I can't fit into any of my normal pants without showing off one mean camel toe.

- I'm thankful for my awesome husband and I'm especially thankful that he's very well hung. I'd love him even if he wasn't, but it's a nice bonus.

- I'm thankful for the Food Network's Web site and the fact that 90 percent of what I'm cooking tomorrow for our big feast comes from their Web site.

- I'm thankful for People Magazine realizing the hotness that is Matt Damon. I'd stuff his cavity with lemon wedges and herbs and roast him for Thanksgiving if I could.

- I'm thankful for Old Dog and Satan's Dog and my really, really ancient cat and am thankful that I have made it through the year without losing another pet to illness.

- I'm thankful for my friends, the ones who are close, the ones who are far, the ones I talk to every day and the ones I speak to once a year. Life is better because of them.

- I'm thankful for my blog. It's been a free therapist for me. I get to talk about anything I want and never feel judged for it. Every one should be this lucky to have an outlet like a blog.

- I'm thankful for our troops and their willingness to do the best they can in a really, really crappy war that most people in the US and around the world don't support. But I want you home, because my heart aches every day for you, your moms, your sons and daughters and your sisters and brothers. Please be safe and come home.

- I'm thankful for Passport Canada employees who have a sense of humor and can laugh when I call them back and tell them my mother is crazy and that's the only reason I have two middle names, but that I'm fine with them not including the second one because they can't do so.

- I'm thankful that my inlaws are extremely generous and have decided to take the whole family to Hawaii next April, because I don't think we'd ever in a million years have enough money to go if we had to pay for it.

- I'm thankful that even though I'm hosting the big event tomorrow, I'm actually very well organized and should get through the day without any tears.

- I'm thankful I'm a woman and have one killer set of boobs.

- All in all, I'm just thankful to be lucky enough to have the life I have. I'm healthy, can feed my family and am very, very loved. I'm thankful to have been so very blessed.




random_mommy said...

I was halfway through, saying to myself, "I wonder if she's thankful for her insanely nice rack?"

Alas, you are. This is why we have a connection.

random_mommy said...

And I'm DYING to know what your two middle names are?!?!

Julie said...

What a nice post. Glad you have lot to be thankful for. I apparently could only put enough thought into my thanksgiving post to show a picture of Emily in a paper turkey hat. Oh, and most of my dishes are from Paula' Deen to amen to the Food Network! Have a great holiday!

AndreAnna said...

Do I have enough time to get divorced and remarry into your family so I can go to Hawaii too? I LOVE it there. SO jealous.

Nice post!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I agree with Random, you better be thankful for those killer boobs you got. We're all a little jealous of them. Yay for the in laws in Hawaii, but will the hard core Baptists let you drink little drinks with umbrellas?? You're hosting? Are you crazy?? :) Love you anyways.

Anonymous said...

So, um.....would the inlaws like a girl from NY to go with? To get towels, watch children and be the liquor tester? Just askin'.

I love that your thankful for your rack AND for your husband being well hung. I wonder if he would be thanful for you telling all of us that? :)

Have a wonderful Holiday and be sure to post the pics of all the stuff you're making :)

Blue Momma said...

I'm thankful you have so much to be thankful for and that I actually share several of those things with you.

Except the killer boobs. Mine look like they were killed or are slowly running away....

I'm a Mom!..? said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Emma in Canada said...

I am so jealous that you get a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving and we only get 3. Although since I work stats I guess that would mean 2 extra days of work. Which would suck.

Anyway, hope you have a good one.

And what's this about being crazy for giving your child 2 middle names. I'll have you know 3 of my kids have 2 middle names. And I was not crazy at the time of the first 2 arrivals.

That Chick Over There said...

Only you can be thankful for your husband's penis and make it sound really nice.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Becca said...

I too am thankful for maternity pants, despite not being pregnant anymore. And I'm also thankful for maternity underwear, which I have been wearing since Ava was born in March 2006!

Anonymous said...

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Rachel said...

These are fabulous!!! I'd be thankful for awesome in-laws taking me to Hawaii, too!!!
Thanks for the grins!

alissa said...

So do you celebrate Cdn Thanksgiving too? Just wondering - it's early, and I couldn't come up with any better, or funny, comment.

Stefanie said...

You had me at your husband's well hung! I feel inspired to do my own list. Well, not THAT inspired but you never know.

Morgan Leigh said...

I've never seen your boobs, but they must be nice if you are thankful for them. I'm jealous! :)

Hope you had a wonderful Turkey Day!

Rachel said...

Great post, girl! Congrats on the nice rack and I am totally jealous of Hawaii!

What are the names?