Thursday, November 15, 2007

Becoming a Mom

Proof that sometime during the past 2 years, 2 months and 11 days, I've become a mother.

- When Little Man says "ewww!" and shoves a piece of half chewed apple in my mouth, I'm barely disgusted.

- When Little Man begins to throw up on the couch and I scoop him up to bring him to the sink, I don't even think twice about cupping my hand around his mouth to catch the vomit.

- I also don't throw up myself, when I can't even stand to see someone throw up on TV without gagging.

- I can quote entire scenes from Finding Nemo and don't find it sad that it probably has topped When Harry Met Sally as the movie I've seen the most in my lifetime.

- I also don't find it odd that until two months ago, I'd seen Finding Nemo exactly once. And that the number of Finding Nemo viewings probably currently hovers around 10,982 times.

- When Little Man does something cute in public and someone smiles because of it, my heart practically bursts with pride.

- Like last night, when we were in Walmart and I said "oh, we need bacon!" and I reached into the case to grab it and Little Man said to me "good job, Mama!" The woman next to us couldn't help but look at him, smile and consider stealing him for herself.

- 24 months ago, I couldn't have recalled something amusing from the day before. And it sure as hell wouldn't have made me grin ear to ear all over again the way memories of my son do.

- Anytime I'm in public by myself with my Little Man, everyone I encounter looks like a potential kidnapper.

- If halfway through the work day I can't remember what Little Man was wearing that morning, I panic, because what if he went missing and we couldn't find him because of my forgetfulness?

- I don't find it upsetting when my mini back seat driver says "CRASH!" whenever I have to brake suddenly.

- I wonder how two years ago I couldn't even have an inkling of how great it is to walk into a room and be only referred to as "Little Man's Mama."

- I often feel like getting on every roof top in town and shouting the greatness that is my child.

- I've figured out that all those years that I kept thinking that fart and poop jokes are funny prepared me for having a son.




Emma in Canada said...

I'm with you on forgetting what they wear. Once Liam went missing for an hour and I was all ready to call the police and I could not for the life of me remember what he was wearing. But he came home, the little troublemaker, having wandered to far away.

Rachel said...

If halfway through the work day I can't remember what Little Man was wearing that morning, I panic, because what if he went missing and we couldn't find him because of my forgetfulness?

I do this ALL the time. Great post! It's amazing how much being a mom changes you.

peeweedyer said...

That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Julie said...

How about using your sleeve as a tissue and not being horrified? Or am I the only "gross" mom that will do that when in need!? : )

Insomony said... are completely whipped. I coulnd't relate more!
Great post. "good job, Mama!"

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

You're better than I am. I still gag when he pukes. Like the sigh of relief on Wed. when he puked on Pup and not on me.

Oh, here's a funny about the half chewed: At Drs. yesterday she told me the kid she saw just before us had BAD strep. Like so bad, she smelled it (ewww) as she walked in. So, Dad is talking w/her and kid is licking his lolly, when the kid shoves it in Dad's mouth. Doc. said he's guaranteed to get the strep. So glad was him & not ME!!

We watch Nemo a lot. But, I was a teacher, & owned it before SD. We watched it during the short week before Thanksgiving as most kids don't go that week.

AndreAnna said...

Seriously, how is it than we can be coated in our child's vomit and not blink, but if I watch that scene from Stand by Me, I damn near hurl in my mouth?

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the puke thing. I even HEAR someone else hurling and I have to force a gag back down. But, Morgan can puke all over me and it doesn't seem to phase me much.


Morgan Leigh said...

Atleast it's Nemo, which is halfway bareable. Atleast you haven't watched Alice in Wonderland so many times you're wondering which one is cuter: The Mad Hatter or the March Hare.

Leaning towards the Hatter, being that the Hare is a rabit and all.

:) :)

huckdoll said...

I can relate to Nemo, but with two toddler girls it's "Princess" meaning Cinderella and The Little Mermaid.

Two years ago I would've never eaten a cheese string off the floor that was rolled on not once, but twice. Today I did - only after picking off the specks of dirt, of course.

Slick said...

Yeah, you've definitely became a Mom now, complete with an iron stomach :)

The "CRASH" thing had me laughing

Sandy said...

Good job, mama.

I'm a Mom!..? said...

"Don't touch the butt" - Munchkin's newest line from Nemo -- It's so cute I can't even tell her not to say "Butt"

That Chick Over There said...

Love you.

alissa said...

You've taken so many of my daily thoughts, thoughts that I never even knew I had, and put them on paper. Or, a computer screen.

Thank you.


Katie said...

Oh great, I've NEVER even THOUGHT Of the wearing clothes/what if go missing one, so now I'm gonna start obsessing about that, too, with my 18 month old. ;-)

beebop said...

i want to teach TP to scream CRASH when I'm driving, that is AWESOMENESS.
you have convinced me its ok if TTP turns out to be a boy.

Rachel said...

Absolutely. Absofreakinglutely!
I loved this!
I have so much fun when I read you!

M said...

You are such a kick ass mom. Can I just hug the hell out of you? And Little Man? Because you two rule.

Haphazardkat said...

I adore my son but seriously...if he were kidnapped? They'd deposit him back at my door within the hour. He can interrogate the skin off a snake.
Why is the sky blue?
Is it a dark blue or light blue?
Whats your favorite color?
Grey blue or green blue?
Why do you like green blue?
Do you like clouds?
Why do you like clouds?
What are clouds made of?
Why are they made that way?
Whats your favorite cloud?
...Why is your eye twitching that way, Momma?