Monday, November 05, 2007

Because I'm Pretty Much Insane

So yesterday? I hosted a playdate for our daycare class. All 18 kids and 36 parents.

Luckily? Not all of them could come. Which is good, what with me not living at Buckingham Palace and Little Man's swing set only having two swings.

However, 12 kids, 3 siblings and about 16 parents did come, and Little Man? Thought it was the best thing ever, because he was having a sociable day.

It was one of those perfect days, where the temperature was just warm enough that you could keep the door open, toys were sprawled everywhere, kids were running and laughing, parents were gossiping. Also? No juice boxes were spilled on my carpet, no kids were injured and the dogs didn't chew up anything while they were locked in our bedroom. In other words, I declare it a great success. I've always loved hosting things, it's that Martha Stewart in me, the one who wishes she was crafty enough to make the kids homemade November-themed favors and declares to everyone when they fawn over it "those? They're nothing! I just had 18.3 minutes to kill, that's all."

Me? I'm not crafty. Plus, I kill time on Facebooks' Scrabulous, which, because ever since finding out I'm pregnant I've been waking up at 3 a.m. like I've got all this excess energy to burn, I've been playing a lot of Scrabulous with people around the world or fellow insomniacs. I figure using time wisely in the middle of the night totally defeats the purpose of being up.

I've always known Little Man was a good sharer, but this weekend proved it all the more. He showed his friends all of his toys, played with everyone and never got upset that all of his buddies were using his stuff. All of the parents were impressed at what a gracious host he was. Only towards the end of the party, when only one of his girlfriends was left and he sat, exhausted, in his Pottery Barn chair with his name on it, and she walked up to him and smooshed herself into the chair and snuggled up to him, only then did he glare at her and snapped "my chair!" Like "I don't care that you're in love with me, get the hell out of my chair if you know what's good for you, woman."

Seriously, what's with these modern girls? Thinking they can just snuggle up to a man like that, without even having been on a date.

She later kissed him goodbye, on the mouth, leaving Little Man completely horrified. I'm guessing she's not his type, even though she screams his full name, first and last, at him whenever he's standing more than three feet away from him.

It's a technique I'd never attempted in my early days, unless I was really, really drunk. In two year-olds? Drunk flirting is done on way too much juice and sugar, apparently.

I must say that to those of us who are sober from no drinking or excessive cookie eating, it's just very cringe-worthy to watch.




Anonymous said...

You're brave :)

Emma in Canada said...

You hosted a get together for no reason at all? I'm hrad pressed to even do one for a birthday party. Oh wait, I'm not. I'm going to the Y. Because I hate people in my house.

Julie said...

You were brave! Thank goodness all went well. You could have easily had a diaster on your hands.

Ms. Porter said...

Brave or crazy!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the recipe you left for me, I will be trying it next week for sure. Do you mind if I post it (with credit to you)?
Oh, and try out the pumpkin soup recipe and let me know what you think. It's definitely one to make ahead and doesn't take much time...the recipe said it could be frozen but I would try that out first.

ChrisB said...

Glad it all went well.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Tease! How dare she throw herself at LM that way!! Shameful hussy.

And you are crazy for putting that together! Although I notice we have not yet been invited to try out the new play equipment...and you know if it can survive my child, it's probably pretty durable. Not complaining...just saying....

Sandy said...

I have NEVER willingly subjected myself to that many children! Although, had I know it would lead to a line like, " In two year-olds? Drunk flirting is done on way too much juice and sugar, apparently.", I might have.

Very funny!

ohio blue eyes said...

was it an open mouth kiss? THE HUSSY!!!

Rachel said...

Gah, little fast girl!

qofd said...

Glad it went well, too bad you couldn't have a drink afterward. I'm sure you could have used one.

Little man sounds like he is developing an Archie Bunker syndrome with his chair.

M said...

You are amazing. Ridiculously so. And obviously like humans a lot more than I do because me? I would've stabbed people in my home with that many small people and big people and siblings oh my!

And tell LM to pucker up already. Sloppy toddler kisses are good...remember? ;)

Blue Momma said...

I am in awe of Little Man's sharing skills! Punkin won't even share with me. Is it just natural for him or are you just the kick ass mother that I'm not?

I've got a playgroup scheduled for this week, but only 15 people so far. I hope mine goes as well as yours!