Friday, October 26, 2007

Only Five Hours and Six Minutes to Go

Do you people know what today is?

You don't?

Well, then, I feel sorry for you.

Today is another consignment with a half-price sale day!

Can I get a whoop-whoop?

Do you know what this means?

Baby clothes. For two dollars!

And more maternity clothes, because I have a serious, serious problem.

Yesterday? I had lunch with AFF.

And my kick-ass unused maternity wardrobe came up.

I kind of mentioned to her that I only have one pair of real life jeans that currently fit me and I refuse to buy more, since I'm on a mission to get pregnant.

Then I admitted that I do, however, have three pairs of maternity jeans (including my Seven For All Mankind maternity jeans that I bought on eBay).

She, who is the biggest shopaholic I know, actually laughed at me.

She didn't do it outright. First, she got this look of "oh my God, she's crazy." Then she slapped her hand over her mouth.

Then she giggled.

So I won't tell the Internet how her son had about five birthday outfits for his first birthday.

Which should totally make me look like the normal one. Right?

I'm also the crazy person who's started actually wearing her maternity clothes to work. Doesn't say anywhere in our dress code I can't, you know?

Plus, this wardrobe is soooo much cuter than my regular one. What with me having zero designer clothes in my regular wardrobe.

So I'm the crazy person at work who wears her maternity garb that does not look maternity like.

Right now? I'm wearing my Seven For All Mankind maternity jeans.

I'll have you know, they make my ass look great.

There is the issue of me having to pull them up every five minutes.

Maybe I should get suspenders?

I wonder what I'll get at the sale today? I'll just sit here and count the minutes until I get to fill a laundry basket full of stuff for cheap, cheap, cheap...

Isn't today a glorious day?




Sandy said...

Silly girl! The easiest way to get pregnant is to get RID of all of your maternity clothes and baby furniture, have your house recarpeted in white wool, and pay retail for those really great fitting fit-you-now jeans!

Morgan Leigh said...

:-) Have fun at the sale. You're not crazy. Keep thinking baby thoughts! :-)

Julie said...

Ive got an idea - why don't you ONLY buy clothes that will fit you now, and spend a gazillion dollars on them. That will pretty much guarantee you'll be pregnant soon and not able to wear any of them! : )

AndreAnna said...

You, my friend? Are insane.

But I love it! Get some for me too - there's no cool sales like this around here!

RadarMa said...


Love a bargain!!

Anonymous said...

Whoop friggety WHOOP!! Happy shopping....

Beccy said...

You crack me up!

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

I don't own any Seven For All Mankind jeans. And, there was only 1 outfit for first bithday. There were two for the second. And, in my defense, the shirt that was for the daytime is big enough for a do over this coming year.

For some reason, in your blogroll I'm still listed as Neurotic...SUV driver. Pup is working late, or I'd join you for the consign. I could be your official bag holder.

jesse said...

You're crazy but I know the feeling of having to shop.

Jempress said...

i must be crazy too, cuz I can't wait for you to blog about what you bought. pictures too please!

Bren said...

Can't beat a good sale!

Love your positive outlook and that you have all of the maternity clothes ready! My grandma used to say "Prayer is asking for rain. Faith is carrying the umbrella." You're just carrying your umbrella. :)

Blue Momma said...

I never want to hear the words consignment sale again. Please. At least not until spring when I again must work 789 hours to get Punkin some cheap stuff.

My mother bought me more maternity clothes before I had my first miscarriage. I haven't bought anything since then. They still have tags. But I am tempted everyday to wear the jeans.

Us big mama's can handle some elastic panel pants anytime!

my minivan is faster than yours said...

So after reading AFF's comment, now I'm left confused as who to believe. Were there or weren't there five 1st birthday outfits.

But really, I believe YOU. Now I'm off to her blog to tell her I know you were exaggerating. See how I make friends?!?!

That Chick Over There said...


Missed you!!!

Rachel said...

I think we deserve a pic of you wearing these maternity jeans!

M said...

You know, I realize I'm behind on my blog reading and all but I already peeked and I see NOTHING documenting the greatness of your consignment finds.

Dude. Consignment stories are like porn for me! FEED MY ADDICTION! Or at least email me the dirty details!