Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fighting Fires With No Shoes On

Unless you've been living in a cave (hi Osama!) or live somewhere where the holiday isn't celebrated (hi bible belt!), today is Halloween.

'Tis the time of year where children get dressed up, go begging door to door for high-sugar treats, which most of the time are crap, because the homeowner has already eaten three bags of the good candy and in order to be able to fit into their clothes, have chosen to buy something they wouldn't eat even if stranded on a deserted island with George Clooney. Because then, you could just live off of the aura of gorgeousness that surrounds him.

I got Little Man's costume at one of the many consignment sales I've gone to during the past month. It's the cutest costume alive, and it was only 6 dollars. And it fits him so well, you'd think it was custom made for him. But it wasn't, because the only thing I can make is my French macaroni and cheese. Which really rocks, by the way. And which Little Man cannot wear as a costume.

The last time Little Man put on his costume was when we had our family pictures taken. Which I would post, if the damn idiots as Picture People would send me my link, which I've requested four times in four weeks now. When I put Little Man in his little yellow firefighter vinyl jacket, he began screaming "I'm stuck! I'm stuck!" To which I replied "you're not stuck, you're a firefighter."

Because I'm funny like that.

This morning, Little Man didn't fight me on the coat and pants, because he has finally accepted that it's not 90 degrees outside any longer. However, once I put the hat on his head and the rubber boots on his feet, all hell broke loose.

So my firefighter? He believes in fighting fires in socked feet, with his overly-long hair in the wind.

That's how real men fight fires, don't you know.

I'm thinking we'll attempt to go trick or treating, but with his anti-social gene potentially rearing its head, we may not go far.

Which makes me really, really sad, what with me voted most likely to eat most of his candy.




Blue Momma said...

Punkin never wants to wear his whole costume either. What is it with these kids?

But trick or treat? He and Hubby practice every night at our front door! I'm so ready for Halloween to be over with!

Did you get your spiders?

Blue Momma said...

Oh, I forgot. FIRST!

Julie said...

Emily I"m sure will insist on wearing her green Crocs with her red/white/blue cheerleading costume. Guess she's into primary colors! : ) Maybe Little Man is the Matthew McConnehy (totally spelled wrong I know) of fire fighters - all laid back and barefoot.

You should share your recipe for French Man & Cheese. That would be the closest I would come to cooking French food I think!

Bren said...

I couln't get Peter Pan in his feathered hat this morning either. So I did what any good mother would do. I bribed him. He wears the hat and I let him wield a sword. Worked like a charm.

Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Morgan wears a portion of her costume as sunglasses. Whatever. Gives her a superhero look :)

jessicawilson5 said...

well I hope he enjoys his halloween! And great price on the costume!

ohio blue eyes said...

i think a recipe post is in order as well...
and some bare-chested fireman pics of little man. he could be in calendars!

Rachel said...

Alyssa freaked when I tried to put on the head of her costume. She is a lamb!

Because I am such a loving and caring mom, I held her hands down and forced her to wear it. Good times.

Sandy said...

We have not yet had the costume drama but last night, when we were carving the pumpkin and it was ewwwwwwwww gross, I told him I needed a picture for my blog and he stuck his hand right inside that booger! Makes me proud!

That Chick Over There said...

I love every single part of this post.

Nina Diane said...

I hope Little Man enjoys his halloween that you can enjoy his candy tomorrow.....

Morgan Leigh said...

I hope you guys have fun tonight.

Even if you go shoeless.

(By the way, once again, are you trying to offend me? Keep me away from your blog? I don't celebrate Halloween and live in the bible belt. What a coincidence!)

Just joking!


BTW- We want pictures of shoeless fireman, mkay?

AndreAnna said...

My kid, who normally loves and requests hats, kept taking her costume hat off today. Argh!

We. Need. Pictures.

Slick said...

Oh the tortures Little Man endures.

So, what did Mommy go as?

Elle said...

Hey I have a kid that won't wear a jacket when she could potentially turn into a snowman!! Hope you had a good halloween!

Good luck on your "test" tomorrow!!!!