Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My 100 Things

1. I was born in France.
2. But if you ask me where I'm from, I'll tell you I'm Canadian.
3. That's because we moved to Canada when I was three. So I've lived most of my life there.
4. I officially became a Canadian citizen when I was 14.
5. But I have dual citizenship, Canadian and French.
6. Sometimes people ask me if I'll ever get my American citizenship.
7. I might, but only if I'm not forced to give up my other two citizenships.
8. If I have three citizenships, it'll look like I'm just out to collect them.
9. I like collecting things.
10. My collections have included stickers, erasers, matchbooks and PEZ dispensers.
11. At one point, I have more than 100 PEZ collections.
12. Sweetie Pie thought my collection of PEZ was ridiculous. Until I sold 30 or so on eBay and made more than $600 which served as my nest egg when I moved to Dallas.
13. I speak French fluently.
14. It was my first language.
15. I didn't speak English until I was 12.
16. Yet I have no French accent.
17. But I now have a Texas drawl from living here 7 years.
18. My grammar was so good in French that I represented my school in grade 12 in the provincial French grammar competition.
19. I didn't know there was such a thing either, until I was asked to go.
20. I don't think I even placed in the top half.
21. I do really, really badly in competitions.
22. I once tried out for The Weakest Link and froze so bad, I didn't make it past the first round.
23. I really, really want to be on Wheel of Fortune though.
24. I'm like some weirdo who can solve the puzzles with only two letters up there.
25. When people don't get the final puzzle and I've figured it out, I get really, really upset that they're on the show and I'm not.
26. But I've never gone out to try for the show, so I have no one to blame but myself.
27. I'm the oldest of three girls.
28. My sisters are twins.
29. They're three years younger than me.
30. I hated them when I was little.
31. A couple of years ago, I told them that I used to hate them, thinking they'd be happy to know that I don't anymore.
32. Instead, the younger twin is still pissed at me for hating her.
33. We fight a lot.
34. When I was growing up, I wanted to be a vet more than anything else in the world.
35. But I sucked at math and most sciences, and an English teacher told me I was a good writer and should become a reporter.
36. I studied political science in university and was going to do a master's in journalism.
37. For some reason, after finishing my undergrad, I did a post-grad degree in advertising.
38. I have no clue what led me to that decision.
39. But I'm really glad I did.
40. Although, when I did my advertising internship, it was such a miserable experience that I vowed never to work in advertising.
41. I was a flight attendant for more than three years, my last two years of university and my year of post-grad.
42. I loved flying, because I made more money than any of my friends.
43. Plus, I got to go all over Europe and party with some really awesome people.
44. Only downside was the actual flights.
45. I hated dealing with passengers, the most horrible, mean, disgusting people ever.
46. I was called the "C" word a few times for absolutely no reason, things like telling people that they couldn't in fact open the window or that I did not have their Kosher meal.
47. I also regularly had my butt grabbed while walking down the aisle.
48. I was on two planes that caught on fire.
49. I wasn't really scared either time.
50. I'm still not a nervous flyer, although I tend to worry more on the plane, because I no longer have control over the evacuation of the plane should something happen.
51. I lost my virginity when I was 15 years and 10 months old.
52. Although that might sound young, I had skipped two years of school and was in a class with 17 year-olds, so I was more mature I guess.
53. I was a wild child in my late teens and early 20's.
54. I refuse to calculate how many guys I've slept with.
55. I believe that if you don't know your number, you can't be labeled.
56. I've been in love four times.
57. The first time was when I was 14.
58. His name was Sean and I was convinced I was going to marry him.
59. He's the only boyfriend I haven't been able to find on Google or Facebook who I've looked for.
59. My second love was Kevin.
60. I met him in Spain when I was 18 and in Barcelona for the summer.
61. When we met, he only had two weeks left in Spain.
62. When he left, all I wanted was for him to ask me to go backpacking through Europe with him.
63. He didn't. I was heartbroken.
64. He's now a lawyer in LA.
65. I just found him on Google this week.
66. There was a picture and he's not as good looking as I remember him to be.
67. My third love was Dale.
68. I was with him for a year and it nearly emotionally crippled me.
69. He would never call me and I spent the entire year chasing him and trying to make him love me.
70. He broke up with me and told me the reason was that I wasn't marriage material.
71. It completely devastated me. I didn't eat for three days and didn't sleep for more than a week.
72. I swore off men right then and there and focused on me.
73. Three months later, I met Sweetie Pie.
74. I was doing PR for a company that he was a dealer for.
75. We met at a trade show.
76. One of my jobs was to show our dealers a good time.
77. I showed him an especially good time.
78. He got really drunk one night of the trade show and couldn't drive himself home. I let him crash in my suite.
79. He was supposed to sleep on the couch, but when I got out of the bathroom, he was passed out in my bed.
80. I'd forgotten to pack pajamas, so I ended up sleeping in my jeans and t-shirt so that he wouldn't get the wrong idea.
81. The next day, he asked me for my phone number.
82. I told him that he knew where I worked.
83. He called three days later.
84. We went out long distance for almost two years.
85. Then I got myself a job in Dallas and moved here.
86. Sweetie Pie hadn't even said "I love you" yet.
87. I still kick myself on a daily basis for being so stupid.
88. Sweetie Pie doesn't understand what the big deal is, since he says it's obviously all worked out for me.
89. We've been married twice.
90. The first time in Las Vegas in 2002. We had to get married in the US because I'm not a citizen.
91. We got married the following year in France with our family and friends present.
92. I'm very lactose intolerant.
92. Once, I ate almost a whole pint of ice cream and thought I was going to die because I got so sick.
93. When I was pregnant with Little Man, my lactose intolerance went away. I was able to eat an entire box of Kraft macaroni & cheese without any issues.
94. Because of this, I often ate an entire box of macaroni & cheese for lunch.
95. Somehow, I only gained 22 pounds my first pregnancy.
96. I'm really not sure how I did that.
97. I think I'll eat a lot healthier my next pregnancy.
98. Just in case my eating habits the first time caused the HELLP syndrome.
99. I'm really, really wanting to have a second baby right now.
100. I feel like I could easily write a whole other list.




Loukia said...

Wow, your list was so interesting and very read-able! Normally they don't flow this well, but I read every one...

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

Funny how I knew like 98% of that. Couldn't be that you and I tend to talk, just a little bit, could it? Oh, and you think the look from the rum was bad, think about this: I learned the meanings of so many phrases I had to take a shower, but having just learned what a golden shower was, I just couldn't get in. Geez. Still totally traumatized.

Morgan Leigh said...

wow. your list was great. and funny. some of it.

i tagged you at my blog, by the way.

Julie said...

Fascinating. I bet you have some really good flight attendant stories. Two planes on fire - good God! And what idiot thinks you can open the windows on a plane?

Blue Momma said...

Your list was great. And not boring. Some are so boring. Yes, I mean mine.

I think you should have posted the boyfriend's photos from Facebook. I'm curious.

My husbandd is always telling me to go on Wheel. We could go try out together...

Rachel said...

Um, you left out your blackhead collection.

AndreAnna said...

Wow, I wish I was as cool as you. And I don't mean that sarcastically, like I would usually say it. You seem to have had a really aweosme life, and I hope you get that second baby soon so he/she can have such a cool mom.

Maybe I'll do a 100 list soon...

my minivan is faster than yours said...

Funny how I'm totally stuck on your moving to Dallas without so much as an "I love you." WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?!?!

I see another blog coming Catwoman. The people need their stories. I'm thinking about doing a blog on how Ethan and I met and how I handled every situation correctly and he did not. I'm sure he'll enjoy this series immensely.

Beccy said...

I love your list, there are a load of stories in there yet to come out...I have a hubby who finds those three words hard to say...unless he's consumed his weight in beer...then I'm not really interested!!!

Anonymous said...

I learned a ton of stuff about you. Love that you were married in France. How amazing was that?

I already knew you rocked and that I *fluffy pink heart* you. This just confirmed it :)

Myanderings said...

My husband and I were already married (like for more than a month) before he told me he loved me! What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I wasn't...lol

That Chick Over There said...

I learned a lot too!

bmxmom said...

Nice to get to know you :)

alissa said...

Your list was fantastically written!!! And the grammar... impeccable! But re #10 - you totally forgot to mention the blackhead collection.