Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How to Make PMS About 10,000 Times Worse

So I pick up Little Man yesterday. He's content, as always and gives me a hug. As we're walking out of his school, I put him down to let him walk on the sidewalk, and that's when I notice that he's limping. Not a huge limp, a very mild one that makes me unsure as to which leg it is and whether I'm seeing it at all.

"Are you shoes bothering you, baby?" I ask.

"Green grass!" he responds, pointing at the lawn.

When we get home, I take off his shoes and observe him walking in the house barefoot. Once again, he's limping. A mild one, but it's there.

When Sweetie Pie comes home a couple of minutes later, he notices the limp right away and asks me what's wrong with his leg.

I tell him that I'm not sure, but that I'm upset that his school didn't let me know that he fell or twisted his ankle, or whatever it is that happened.

This morning, when Little Man is up, I let him walk again to see if yesterday was just this weird issue that's now gone. Not only is the limp still there, but now it's definitely more prounounced, since I guess whatever's wrong had a chance to get stiffer while Little Man was sleeping.

When I get to his school, I ask his teachers about it. They tell me that after story time in the morning, before they went to play outside, they called Little Man to get his pull up changed. When he walked over, they noticed he was limping. Thinking his shoes were bothering him, they took them off, fixed his socks and put everything back on.

I got to work and mentioned it to my coworkers, but just figured that I'd rub some icy hot on his leg tonight and see if that helped any. Because I poked and prodded Little Man's leg this morning and nothing seemed to hurt. All he kept doing while I poked and asked "does this hurt?" was asking me "Mickey Mouse? Donald Duck?"

Then all hell broke loose. Sweetie Pie? The rock in the relationship? The one who always stops me from panicking? Calls me at 9 this morning to tell me that he's really worried and wants us to take Little Man to the doctor's asap, because if it was just a sprain, Little Man would cry or whine when we push on it. And that his cousin had a cancerous tumor in her leg as a kid, and this is how it started.

Our appointment's at 4. All I can think about is what if my little boy has cancer? Someone get me a few boxes of Midol and a case of tequila stat.




Emma in Canada said...

While I'm sure all is fine, I'm with sweetie pie and would want to go to the doctor. The same sort of thing happened to my friend's daughter. She is fine today, luckily she had parents like you guys.

Ack, what a depressing comment. Ignore my facebook one, now I know what you meant.

Nina Diane said...

try not to're doing the right thing getting it checked out. And if it helps any, my son, who is now 19, but at the age of 2 would go through limping and it was growing pains. They are real......the doc even confirmed it

Anonymous said...

Oh dear God...don't they that!!

A month ago, Morgan was limping. Nothing major, but whatever. It was growing pains...that's all.

Get him checked out and don't panic. But, I'll still bring the case of Jose..Jose makes everything better :)

Blue Momma said...

Keep us posted on what's happening and try not to worry too much.

A trip to the doctor will be worth it - just for your peace of mind - even if there is no issue there.

I'll be thinking of you and little man.

Morgan Leigh said...

get him checked out and don't panic.

Julie said...

I'm sure it's nothing. It really could be growing pains - Abby's legs used to hurt her during growth spurts if I remember correctly.

Wait, so did flo arrive? Did I miss an update?

CPA Mom said...

oh sweet jesus, if I lived there, I'd have both of those for you pronto. and some wine too. and vicodin. medicinal purposes only.

probably will be nothing. you are smart to check it out to give you peace of mind if nothing else.

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

ThInK positive thoughts. He's going to be good. I promise. And, would I lie to you?

ohio blue eyes said...

and I'm such an asshole, because I thought you were totally going to end w/the funny...only you didnt. I'll second w/everyone else and bet its just growing pains...or he is just practicing his gangsta shuffle...

Susan said...

aw, I love when our stoic men become giant blobs of quivering worry.
i bet little man is just fine! try not to worry. *big hug*

my minivan is faster than yours said...

This is a "misery loves company" comment. We're taking Crusher to the dr. this afternoon because nobody's found anything wrong with him in like months. What's the matter with these people!?

I'm only kind of kidding. And could all of our questions wait until his three year well check in six weeks? Yes? But am I making my husband take time off work to take him with me today? Yes.

I'll take a break from my blogging break to check back in with you later.

AndreAnna said...

It's good you and SP are so proactive in his care, but I'm sure he's going to be fine. Like everyone here says, it's probably just growing pains and he'll be jumping on you before you know it.

Keep us all posted.

Loukia said...

It is easy to say "don't panic, don't worry', but as a mother... I'd be thinking all sorts of crazy things and I'd be very worried. That said - I am SURE he is fine! Good for you for getting it checked out, though, but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about.

Beccy said...

I'd love to reassure you here. Ben was limping about 15 months ago and I took him to the GP, I was then sent to casualty for blood tests.Ben had a virus and the limp was gone in a few days. I think it is best to get him checked out by the experts.

Rachel said...

Holy shit! That's crazy!! I bet Little Man is fine though.