Thursday, September 20, 2007

Because You Asked For It

So yesterday? I volunteered at the consignment sale and the shift I'd picked ended right when the volunteer half-price sale started.

And I must say, I went a teeny tiny nuts. Because I bought me an entire pregnancy wardrobe. I'd say that I got about $1,500 to $2,000 worth of clothes. Because a lot of them? Well, they were designer stuff. And that makes me so giddy, because me? I only spent $90 yesterday. And I got me some kick ass stuff.

Here are just a few pictures of my half-price stuff yesterday, complete with the prices that I must simply brag about.

On the left, is a white dress shirt with light blue lines from Mimi Maternity. A store that I never bought anything from during my first pregnancy, because shirts there are like 30 to 50 bucks. And well, I wasn't working at the time. And even now that I'm working, it's like seriously? That much for a shirt I'll only wear a few months? But this shirt that I got? Only $2.50.

Yeah, I know. It gets worse.

The Motherhood shirt in the middle, blue with Khaki in it (which looks way cuter in person by the way) was $2.

Seriously, can you quit that loud gasping? It's a little jarring.

The pink shirt on the right? Was a total splurge. It's Japanese Weekend. A designer brand I'd never even heard of until Anglo told me that this was a brand she was looking for specifically at the opening day of the sale. So anyway, my cute pink shirt? My splurge? Was $4.50. I know, right? Big spender me, haha.

This outfit? Looks hideous in the picture. Because I was too lazy to put it on two hangers, so the top looks bizarre. But it's just a simple cross-over black shirt. The skirt, is also way cuter in person. They're both Mimi Maternity, and the skirt is a creme color with black floral pattern. The outfit? $5.

Can you hear me giggling from where you are?

This shirt, might be my favorite once I'm actually pregnant and have a reason to wear it. It's a crushed raspberry color. I paid $2.50 for it. The pants are gray rayon, really cute dress pants. I paid $3 for them.

This is another of my favorites. Seriously? Me? In a pink tweed skirt? I'm so freaking hip looking, I'm going to freaking die!!!! The sweater has angora in it, so it's really soft, and light pink sequins at the collar which will accentuate my fabulous bossom, hurray! And it's from Gap Maternity, another place I didn't shop at my first pregnancy, because really, Old Navy? So much cheaper! And they have a clearance rack that basically ensured I had clothes on my growing frame (well, my best friend ensured that even more when she lent me her entire pregnancy wardrobe, because she rocks like that). This outfit? Skirt and top? Cost me $7.50. I know, right? Two splurges in one night? Who am I? Paris freaking pregnant Hilton?

This one? Is really hard to see. But it's a Mimi Maternity black suit, which I'm guessing would have retailed anywhere from $150-200 since it's the jacket and the pants. My cost? $5. Nope. Not for a sleeve. For. the. whole. suit. I'm guessing the owner spent more than that getting it dry cleaned for the sale.

This is the cuff of a pair of black pants. Which I got for $4. See the cool beading at the bottom? Aren't I going to be the funkiest, most-fashionable future pregnant woman ever?

That's just a few of my findings. I walked out with $90 worth of stuff. Do you know how much stuff you get when everything's $2-$5 and you spend $90? Yeah, I got a lot of stuff. I also got five knit sweaters for Little Man and a pair of Osh Kosh B'gosh overalls for him. The overalls? Were $2.50. Swoon...

I heart me a really good consignment sale.

Now? I just have to go to Baby Centre and figure out when to put out and just get me a baby implanted. Because I've got cool clothes as a motivator now!




AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

You didn't know Japanese Weekend, but because I said it was kick ass you decided it must be? HOLY shit. I've got a fashion follower! Melissa W., you bitch I spent my entire childhood hating cause you LITERALLY critiqued my outfit daily as I arrived in carpool, eat your effing bitch heart out!!!

Oh, and your digs? ROCK woman. I almost grabbed that pink skirt to go with my pink coat. We can swap, right? Cause they would look so much cooler together??

Blue Momma said...

I. am. so. jealous.

But I'm glad to see a post! I was getting worried....

M said...

I think I literally salivated on the keyboard here. I'm in awe. The clothes are breathtaking the prices 'big o' worthy.

I am absolutely dying of jealousy and impressed and giddy for you! Dude. I so gotta move to Texas (just as soon as you people figure out how the fuck to cool that place down! Yick.)

Oh yes. Get yee implanted immediately. I think you snap your fingers and it happens in you say the right magic words and all. You deserve it having a wardrobe like THAT! If the snapping of the fingers doesn't QUITE work I've got a 35 pound toddler who would be content to sit around your middle and poke and prod your belly so you THINK you're pregnant! (He's obsessed with bellies. It's so grosssssss)

my minivan is faster than yours said...

Glad to see your post was late because you were taking pictures and not being run over by a bus.

Don't you appreciate how we all feel like you're "late" on a post, even though this is your blog and it's supposed to be fun, but we followers need our fix. I had to eat a 1/2 gallon of Breyer's chocolate ice cream to hold me over until my Google Reader told me you were back :)

That Chick Over There said...

I kept waiting for you to say, "Surprise! I'm pregnant!"

Darn you.

ohio blue eyes said...

I love all the clothes you got, now comes the fun part! Accessories! Shoes! Baby making!

And damnit, next year, remind me about this sale so TP, TTP, and I can fly down and run some people over for hella deals!

AndreAnna said...

I want to get pregnant again just so I can wear the cute clothes!! If I were as skinny as you I might drive to Texas and steal your maternity clothes. But I am a moose when pregnant. We'll be trying soon, so maybe we can wear matching maternity outfits. LOL.

Rachel said...

Maternity clothes or not, I love them!! So cute!

Julie said...

No more maternity clothes for me but I"m glad you will be such a fasionable preggo - sometime in the near future! : )

jesse said...

I love the clothes and it makes me want to go out and preggers but I won't because David is not ready for #3.