Thursday, August 23, 2007

Very Obviously a Swap Virgin...

So I participated in CPA Mom's fantastic summer swap, which I'd never participated in one before. And I have to say, I've sucked so bad at it, that I doubt anyone will ever allow me to participate in one.

I received my package from And All The Jones Men last week when I came back from vacation and finally went through all of our mail You'd think being a huge package and all, that I'd open it, but I was terrified of looking at the mountain of mail period, and avoided it for a few days until Sweetie Pie threatened to leave me if the mountain of mail should collapse and kill our toddler. He's awful over-dramatic for a Baptist don't you think?

But see, halfway through our vacation, my camera officially stopped working, which means most of our vacation pictures are from Sweetie Pie's cell phone. And on Friday, a virus took over my home laptop, so now, even if I could convince my camera to work, I don't even have a laptop to use, until we either buy me a new computer or somehow get the piece of crap I call my personal computer, who needs 20 minutes just to boot up, fixed.

Therefore, I can't do a proper post on the fantastic package that was sent to me. Which if this were my real virginity, probably would mean that all the boys would be told how much I suck and no one would ever try to feel me up behind the bleachers again. And I'd never have a chance at being popular. Which is really, really sad, but probably would increase my chances of getting into heaven, so I guess there's always that bright side.

So anyway, here is my really, really lame attempt at posting about my fantastic Summer package...

S= Swimcap, Sunscreen and Softlips.

The swimcap is bright orange and oh so cool, we go through sun screen like there is no tomorrow with my fear of sun damage to my son's ghostly skin and how could a blogger who has probably never even read my blog before this know about my addiction to Softlips chapstick! Which I totally had to fight Little Man for, because he loves Carmex, Blistex and any other lip stuff I might have around. And it's raspberry flavored! YUMMY!

U= Umbrellas! The cocktail straw kind! I love these! And they'll be perfect to use at Little Man's Hawaiian themed bash!

M= Magazine, Family Fun Magazine, which is about the greatest magazine ever! It's so chockful of ideas and awesome recipes! I can't wait to try some of them and hopefully get Little Man to eat something else than drinkable yogurt and grapes.

M= Magnets with awesome cocktail recipes and a bright orange cocktail mixer, which really, what is summer without some yummy drinks perfectly shaken, not stirred.

E= Earplugs, which are great, because I hate getting water in my ears and the yummiest candle that smells of mint and eucalyptus, which is what I imagine Australia, the land of eucalyptus to smell like, yum!

R = Two rafts for the pool, including a nice big one for me, and a cute little one for Little Man!

Thanks so much SJ! I loved my package! I just wish I could post pictures so everyone could see all of my great stuff!




Blue Momma said...

Buy a new laptop!!! I. Need. Photos! Mine died a few months ago and I had to have a new one.

To pay bills on, of course. Strictly business.

The summer sway sounded fun. Sorry I missed it. Can you send me a package anyway????

Blue Momma said...

Swap. I meant swap!

Catwoman said...

Although a summer sway sounds fun too, Blue momma. I'm guessing that would include much Miller Chill, my new drink of choice (and per her blog, Ohio Blue Eyes' too!)

AndreAnna said...

I don't get it! What is the summer swap? So confused.

All I know is I want pictures.

Emma in Canada said...

That sounds like a great swap. And I insist that you participate in my book swap. You know. I demand it.

Anonymous said...

I SO feel your pain on computer issues. MY laptop has been slowly crapping out on me for the last 5 or 6 months. I threaten it everyday, but apparently? It doesn't care.

Miller Chill? *Puffy pink heart* it!! A LOT!!

NeUrOtIc CuRb ChEcKiNg SuV dRiVeR said...

Well, I've of course, mangaged to damage the cord of the lap top again. I so feel your pain. My hubby, Mr. MEE, has just about reached the point where he actually agrees with me that computers "know" it's me typing on them & are just programmed to perform all manner of breaking out of spite. Stupid computers. Hate them. **don't break on me for saying that**

NeUrOtIc CuRb ChEcKiNg SuV dRiVeR said...

Oh, and so love that you too think Tom Brady is worthy of a 5...although he is a scumbag rougue.

my minivan is faster than yours said...

By any chance will Sweetie Pie agree you need a new laptop if the Internets say so?

I know as soon as I mention my blogging friends, my husband listens for at least half a second before his eyes glaze over and roll to the back of his head.

Catwoman said...

Gals, maybe we all need to start a foundation for good laptops for bloggy friends.

Because we deserve the best, don't we?

Rachel said...

I sensed a cocktail theme in that package. Clearly SJ has seen your blog, lol.

Also, when I saw earplugs I was totally thinking you were gonna use them to avoid hearing toddler tantrums. But, then I remembered the ear piercing loudness that said tantrums have and how no earplug could help.

SJ said...

Hey Catwoman, SJ here!!! I'm glad you liked the package! And I hope that you can put it all to good use.

And by the way, I love your blog. I'm hooked!

Have a great day :)

Beccy said...

What a great box of booty you got, keep working on the new computer...we need photos!