Thursday, August 30, 2007


So I've admitted before that I'm a little slow. I mean, I'm all about keeping up with the fads and the trends and I watch way too much MTV, which means that I'm totally into what the kids are in these days.

But one thing that made me feel old? My Space. I got an account. And I just didn't get it. I mean, I tried, I really tried. But what the hell is it all about exactly?

And then all of my favorite Canadian bloggers started talking about how their blogging was lagging because they were totally addicted to Facebook. And I was like "what the hell is that all about?"

But I want to be like the cool kids, so I got a Facebook account as well. And at first? I didn't get it. Because here's my biggest problem? I just don't remember people. Seriously? Try it. Drop out of my life for five years and then have someone quiz me and get me to name your first and last name. I'd say there's about a 10 percent chance of me recalling your first name. Your last name? That would be very small pickings.

And so I got on Facebook. I added my siblings, because even though I haven't seen them since Christmas, I do remember their names. And then I looked up anyone I currently know. And then that was about it.

And I wasn't impressed with the whole thing, because really? Everyone I currently know? I either talk to them on the phone, by email, or through their blog comments.

So why would they care about my Facebook wall?

But then it happened. Someone from university found me. And they had friends. And as I went through their friends page, I recognized some names. And so I sent out friend request to those friends. And come to find out? People I used to know? They've freaking aged! It's the weirdest thing! They became adults. And they got married and have kids and have done all this crazy weird shit like becoming responsible and not making out with strange girls (a.k.a. me) at four in the morning in a dirty Montreal bar.

What? Oh, that? Nah, that never happened, what are you talking about. I'm a lady. I've never made out with boys just because I thought the most thrilling part of a relationship is the first kiss.

So anyhoo... Where was I again?

Oh, Facebook... So anyway, I've been on a mission during the last week to force my memory to come up with other people's names.

And now? Now? I'm in utter and complete love with Facebook. Every day, any minute not spent on blogs or work is spent on Facebook, because it's like my computer has all of a sudden turned into that Sesame Street segment "This is your life!" where the little muppet says "do you recognize this voice from your past?"

Every friend found brings a flood of memories cozier than the best mug of hot chocolate.

And my friends! My friends! The things they've done! One has moved to L.A. and is pursuing his acting dream, he was recently in a bit part in Hair Spray. The same person who I gallivanted around gay pride with arm in arm and he called me his future wife as all of his gay friends told me they'd be willing to go straight for a piece of ass like me. Can a woman hear any sweeter words than that?

A girl who tried to make me a little bit miserable in college, although it was past the time that I cared what girls thought of me and lived my life, partied and was happy with who I was, so it really didn't matter, is now a lawyer in the middle of nowhere, working with First Nations clients (our Canadian equivalent to native Americans).

I've found old friends that I lost touch with in ways that I don't even remember now. And who've thought about me over the years as much as I've thought of them. I've gotten to see people's kids, their adorable faces that mirror their mom's or their dad's in ways that stun me.

Facebook has become my best friend. It offers other amazing things, like the opportunity to play scrabble with old friends from all over the world. The chance to look at people's family pictures. Even the opportunity to compare my pet peeves, my favorite movies and more with friends, because these are the things that are important. Not whether you like somebody as a person. But whether they thought that Something About Mary was as brilliant as you do.

I heart Facebook. And should the people who blog Web sites at my company ever decide to add Facebook to the list, well, I'd just die, that's all there is to it. Because if Facebook could be given to me intravenously? Well, I'd totally do it, hatred of needles be damned!




AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

When I talked with Hubby last night, I said, "Catwoman got me to do Facebook." And, he told me, "Now, honey, you've just gone too far!" So, apparently, I'm an even bigger geek than my hubby the rocket scientist.

BTW, MTV is still on? Who knew??

And, if you really want to freak yourself out, check out my little BILs My Space page, because apparently, despite being all of 21, his friends are scary!! with kids....several of us are wondering how many might possibly be his??

Julie said...

Facebook scares me. Don't you have to post all your information on there? Or is that Linked In? I don't know, they all scare me.

Blue Momma said...

Facebook is catching me slower than MySpace did.

Of course that could be because I'm already addicted to all things bloggy and can't concentrate on anything else.

Poor Punkin'!

Anonymous said...

I did the MySpace thing, too. I'm lucky if I remember to check the new comments or whatever once a month.

*Sigh* Now? I have to go see what this Facebook business is all about. :)

M said...

I have yet to be drug into facebook...I do the myspace thing well enough. But holy hell if someone COOL AND HIP AS YOU is on facebook...I might have to at least LOOK at it. Though really...I cannot even keep up with the blogs i read. *sigh* How would I keep up with facebook?

I need to get a job. Just so I can have time to fuck off. ;)

Slick said...

My sister keeps at me about joining Facebook. I don't need another obsession.

Good luck with all that!

AndreAnna said...

Ok, I got the account a few weeks ago and now have NO IDEA what to do with it. I have some friends but it's mostly people I know already.

I just don't get it.

Am I really this lame?

Oh, woe.

jesse said...

I know a lot of people who do both but really I'm happy with my blog. Anyway I'm glad you're enjoying it just don't stray from here and will be just fine :)

Rachel said...

Ok, stop telling people about space camp!

my minivan is faster than yours said...

Hi Facebook Friend,

I gotta tell you, so far I've been afraid to get too involved in it, one, because I don't remember my password, and two, because I think my addictive peronsonality would better serve me if I just focused on one thing. Like drugs. Or alchohol. Fine, I'll do both drugs and alcohol.

Emma in Canada said...

Ha to M! Who I saw on facebook just this morning. I love my facebook. Love love love it. It's banned at my work but we go on by proxy, you just can't actually do anything but look up people and view profiles. Still, it wastes an hour or so each shift.

That Chick Over There said...

Facebook also scares me. I'm a big wuss.

random_mommy said...

WHORE! Now I have to join Facebook.

Sam said...

I just looked at Facebook yesterday! But my stupid pregnancy brain got very confused, so I quickly left and hope nobody noticed me.
Live Journal makes me feel very old, I have an account but rarely use it.

Ms. Porter said...

I am soooo addicted to facebook. Other than the one 'good friend' from high school who really hurt my feelings when she snubbed me, it's be amazing catching up with old friends. Even people who weren't part of my crowd in high school/university have been in touch and it's so nice to hear how people are. Is it really more of a Canadian thing or something, I'm surprised by the comments that so few of your fans are facebooking? I should add that your fans are super cool and totally in the know...ya know that's all.

alissa said...

Add me add me add me!!!
I'll accept you... really I will!!!

Beccy said...

I had a look once...I think I even registered but haven't been back since. I'm a bit scared as it seems quite addictive and blogging takes up too much time already.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to see what it was all about so tried but couldn't get past the sign in page.You have to enter school friends names or addresses or the companies they work for. I didnt have any friends at school, they were so cliquey and didn't let me in to the popular set. I spent my high school years crying over my home situation and them! Nobody wanted to be my friend back then so why would they want to connect with me now? We just passed like strangers in the hallways. Why would they care about me now except to further gossip about me to their "real" friends. Then i should sit and listen to how wonderful their lives have been; about their amazing husbands; their gorgeous kids; the cruises they go on? Nah, more importantly i don't care about them and their fabulous lives. Workplace friends? you've gotta be kidding; the worst possible "friends" to have are the ones you're competing with. Neighbors? Nah, fergit it, i don't relish the thought of them feeling so familiar that they can come a-callin' whenever they want. Anyway, of course i could fake it too and say all sorts of good stuff about myself, concoct a fictious husband ala Brad Pitt and kids and exotic travels too. Nah, i am too honest. I'd find myself telling them that my brother is in prison. I already know i'd be setting myself up for more heartache. Nobody wants to be my friend; its the story of my life. As far as i can see this facebook phenonmena is just another cliquey popularity contest that uses the term "friend" very loosely.