Monday, July 09, 2007

What the???

For some reason, Blogger won't let me add a title to this post. Nothing like a grumpy blogger to start a Monday morning.

And not being able to type a title? It's all screwing me up. Because now? I don't know how to start this post.

So you know what I did this weekend?

I made spaghetti carbonara. And the most freaking delicious apple pie ever. Mmmmm. Both of which are part of my special diet. Isn't it fantastic?

Yeah, not so much. In my defense though, I did manage to get up at 5 a.m. today to work out. I'm the pilates queen, I am. And my tummy? It's already pooching a little less. So hurray for that.

And Little Man moved into his toddler bed last night, which is really exciting. If you're not Little Man, that is. If you're Little Man, it's not exciting, it's actually the most terrifying thing that could ever happen.

He's been playing in his new room for weeks, so I didn't think it'd be an issue. Last night, I put his crib mattress in his toddler bed, made the bed, put all of his animals on the new bed, and when we took a bath, I told him he was going to get to sleep in his new bed tonight, and how exciting! He kind of brushed me off, I guess he figured that if he pretended it wasn't going to happen, then it wouldn't. This is a tactic I've also used many times, being the Queen of Denial that I am. I have to admit that in 31 years, it hasn't worked very much for me either.

Things were fine while we read books in his new room, but when we went to turn off the light and I went to put him into bed, his eyes looked a lot like this:

Except there were no bubbles around his head, because I'm pretty sure that would mean my son has rabies. The look of terror on his face was actually so funny, that I had to bite my lip not to laugh. I know, mother of the year, right?

He whispered to me "No, mama!" like he didn't want to talk too loud and wake up the spirits in his evil new room.

I kissed him goodnight and figured he'd just roll over and go to sleep, but he spent the next half hour crying. I ended up sitting with him for half an hour, singing to him and rubbing his head and eventually, I was able to leave, but I had to keep the door open, because he freaked out if I tried to close it.

He did end up spending the whole night in his bed, and didn't wake up, so as far as transitions, I think it was a pretty good one.

He woke up at 5:45 in the morning, right when I was finishing my work out. I walked into his room, expecting him behind the door, but he was sitting in his bed going "Up! Up!" And let out a big sigh of relief when I took him out like he thought "thank freaking God I survived that!"

At what point should I tell him that he'll be sleeping in it again tonight?




Julie said...

I love that even though he was in a bed and could get out, he still waited for you to pick him up. I wonder how that will last? Just wait until he figures out he can climb in and out on his own! : )

Kellie said...

I'm dreading converting her crib to the toddler bed. I'll probably find her in the morning sleeping in the closet (or, in my bed!!).

Blue Momma said...

It kills me when mine cries for me to stay with him at bedtime. He has never minded the big bed, I just can't keep him in it once the door is closed. And he's been in a full size bed for over a year. Wanna trade for a while?

ohio blue eyes said...

way to go little man!

hope tonight goes equally as well or better!!!

Emma in Canada said...

At least he sleeps in his own room is all I can say.

Beccy said...

I left Ben in his cot untill he was three because he never tried to climb out and just played in the mornings, bliss.

I hope tonight goes even better and that he takes a while before he learns to climb out himself.

Holly said...

Mine is still staying put. Well, except for the one time that had "see I know I could run amok but I choose to be good...see what happens if you get on my bad side..bwwooohahahah..." written all over it. Good luck. It may not be that bad. Give it a week.

Rachel said...

Ha ha ha ha! I shouldn't laugh but, hell, it's funny!

When I moved Kaylie into her toddler bed, she wouldn't get out of it by herself at first. I had to go in a get her up.