Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I've Finally Found Her

One of Little Man's good friends is this gorgeous little girl with chestnut shiny hair that curls ever so slightly to frame her sweet little face. And she has the most incredible eye color, very light green, speckled with grey that makes them all you see. In other words, she's gorgeous. She's also got a great personality and not only is she sweet to Little Man, she's never clingy to him, and she always greets me when I walk in.

This morning, when I was about to leave, I kissed Little Man as I always do, and he non-chalantly went back to his mini-bagel with cream cheese and applesauce, because cream cheese rocks his world something fierce, what with it being in the same family as yogurt. Little Man's belief is that if it's a product made out of cow teat juice, then it must be delicious.

As I was about to walk out the door, I heard this sad cry. I turned around, and there she was, that sweet little girl, heartbroken that I was leaving. I kneeled down and asked her what was wrong and she ran into my arms. I scooped her up, and she put her little head on my shoulder and squeezed me tight.

I have found her, my daughter-in-law. The one who won't just tolerate me and tell her friends behind my back how irritating I am, but will instead genuinely love me and go shopping with me and meet me for Starbucks.

Andshe'll make me many, many beautiful grandchildren.

It took 22 months, but she was worth the wait. This means I can now work on the other big concerns on my list, like a cure for bloating and the creation of an all-chocolate diet.




Jesse said...

How sweet-and yeah 22 months isn't that long at all.

Blue Momma said...

Congrats on the new DIL.

We've been looking for a girl for Punkin', but he just steals their toys and they run away.

I may never have grandchildren.....

Rachel said...

Alyssa will be very sad to hear the news.

Kellie said...

Morgan's heartbroken over this new development. So sad that she refused to eat yogurt. This girl? LOVES her some 'gurt :)

Emma in Canada said...

Uh what? Many many months ago you left me a comment saying Little Man was interested in Saoirse. What the hell happened? I bet this one's younger than him. Typical man, trading in for the younger model.

NeUrOtIc CuRb ChEcKiNg SuV dRiVeR said...

Good for you. You can go be a Fiddler on the Roof matchmaker. Course, you must leave my tot out of this, cause no little girl will ever be good enough for G. He's destined for the priesthood & will forsake all women.

monster's momma said...

My monster could kick that hussy's butt.