Wednesday, July 11, 2007

At Least He's Still Willing to Eat Chili Mac

So my son is a food snob. I guess it had to happen, what with me feeding him shrimp when he was barely 14 months old and asking at his 12-month check up exactly when it would be ok to take him to his first sushi bar.

I've spoken of Little Man's obsession with yogurt, but I guess I should have said that he is particularly obsessed with one kind of yogurt: Yo Baby, which I bought for the first time when Little Man had maybe two teeth in his mouth. I remember the first spoonful like it was yesterday, because Little Man's eyes got about ten times bigger and lit up like Times Square and he began to pump his chubby little arms in the air in a manner that made me think he was having a reaction to something. "Wow," I thought."He really likes this."

And that's when I finally looked at the ingredients. The first three ingredients were organic milk, organic sugar and organic crack cocaine.

Ok, maybe not crack cocaine. But some other kind of organic sweetener. Which meant that my son was eating pure sugar mixed with a little dairy product. No wonder he freaking lit up! Kid had been eating fruits and veggies with nothing mixed in until then.

I stopped feeding him the Yo Baby for a while, switching instead to plain whole milk yogurt mixed with half a jar of baby food in whatever fruit flavor I had around the house.

Although his eyes didn't light up as much, he still enjoyed it. But eventually, I got lazy and I switched to Yo Baby a couple of months ago, because it was easier. And I guess I also loosened up, because there are bigger issues to worry about in this world than sugar, things like global warming and who Paris Hilton has given the clap to this week.

But last week, in an effort to save money, I noticed that the Yo Baby six pack is close to four dollars, while a six pack of Yoplait kids is like $2.50. They have Dora on them, which I thought would appeal to Little Man's flirty side, since he loves women with giant heads who stare at you for too long and hang out with a monkey all day.

Yoplait Kids are not organic, but I figured that Little Man still doesn't have any hair on his chest, and he's quickly approaching his second birthday, which puts him way behind his other friends at school who've been raised on nothing but pesticides, because this is Texas, and organic foods are for sissies and granolas. Texas also believes that them frou frou gays choose that lifestyle because they like feather boas, so I'm not necessarily sure that everything the State says is right, but you only live once, right?

The first time I served Little Man a Yoplait Kids, he scrutinized it for a brief minute and ate the whole thing, like he'd eaten them forever. I began to picture the pair of Jessica Simpson shoes I'd be able to afford at the end of the year by saving two to three dollars every week.

But on Monday, Little Man looked at Dora's smiling face on the side of the yogurt and gave it back to me with a stern look on his face and demanded a "YAYOO!"

He doesn't know the word "real" yet, or else I know it would have preceeded the word yayoo. I tried to explain to him that this was, in fact, a yayoo. The kind that was enjoyed by millions of kids across America whose parents loved their kids a whole lot, but didn't feel that this love was reflected in the purchase of designer brand yogurts.

That's when Little Man screeched at the fact that I've also switched him from Designer diapers, a.k.a. Pampers Cruisers, to the store brand which have held up just as well for a fraction of the price.

So I'm at a crossroad. Do I keep forcing my designer obsessed, food snob son to eat these common folk yogurt, which are a brand I've eaten for years, after all. Or do I give in to his fancy schmancy palate and let him continue to have the Yo Baby yogurt?

And most importantly, should I obey him him when he demands that his winter coat this year come from Burberry instead of Old Navy like last year?




Blue Momma said...

My Punkin' in yogurt obsessed too! We've done Dora (oops), but he also likes the drinkable ones like Danimals and the Shrek & Scooby Doo smoothies.

And he calles them "yo-gret".

Maybe if his mom would get off of the stinkin poo-doo-der he would learn not to say yo-gret.

Elle said...

LOL we have a limited menu here as well. However, I have managed to push some stuff they normally hadn't eatten at them. It was the philosophy of "eat or go hungry".

Beccy said...

Gosh he's started his designer life style early. I hope you win the lottery by the time he's a teenager!

monster's momma said...

Costco & Sam's sells Stonyfield Organic lowfat yogurt (it's has strawberry and blueberry flavors). dd & dh love it - I don't like yogurt. I don't usually feed it to dd cuz it's lowfat, but since our tots are almost 2 it's time to switch to lower fat dairy anyway. The kids yogurts in the grocery store aren't full fat either(except yobaby).:)

shauna said...

My kids only eat Yoplait Whips--how horrible is that?! Talk about sugar infestation... (But key lime pie yogurt? Yuuuuummm. Okay, so this one's all my fault.)

Slick said...

Ugh...I throw up at the mere sight of the words "Yogurt", but being the brave soul I am, I perservered. However you spell it.

What the heck is wrong with Wal mart tennis shoes??

That's my point.

I did make one, didn't I?

Julie said...

Try another variety of the Dora ones - or better yet the Blue Clue's ones. Emily will eat those yogurts but only certain flavors. And as for designer diapers - I buy Target or Costco brand. They all hold the "goodies" in place just fine. The only time I buy designer is for over night - b/e mama needs a good night sleep and doesn't need no leaking diapers waking her!

Kellie said...

I switched Morgan from Yo Baby to the Dora yogurts--she didn't give a rat's ass. Thankfully. Keep trying. He'll get use to it.

I haven't switched to store brand diapers. I think I'm afraid. Her butt is still in Pampers and she's in Huggies Overnight Pull-Ups for bed. I'd give store brand diapers a try--I just won't give up my Huggies overnights!! Mommy likey her sleep with no interruptions due to leaky diapers!!

And, my dogs are apparently having a farting contest. Seriously. One on one side and one at my feet. My eyes are watering and there's a green haze in the air. Blech.

Thought I'd share :)

random_mommy said...

You could be that mom that buys generic food and puts it into the designer food container! You know the one... they bought Cocoa Bursts and put them in the Cocoa Puffs box...

Holly said...

Nothing but the best for our boys, chica. And, Burberry is having a sale (yah right!)...see I made you look twice! At least your can eat yogurt. Give him the stuff he'll eat. Worry about Sweetie Pie's eyes popping out over the Market Street bill later. At least that's how we do it over here.

Emma in Canada said...

What about minigos? Both my girls love them.