Monday, July 16, 2007

The Art of Conversation

The great thing about 22-month olds is that they learn to anticipate things. And when they know what comes next, they assume that they should just say it, rather than wait for you to.

Confused yet?

Little Man is currently in the process of figuring out the give-and-take of conversation. But because we've spent a long time telling him "thank you!" whenever we hand him something, in order to teach him manners, he now thinks that all of the responses that come after his statements are things he should be saying too.

So now, he'll walk up to me, hand me his frog and say "Thank you! You're Kecome!"

Also, if he walks in a room, he acts all excited and says "Hi! How are you? I'm good!"

I'm thinking he'll make an extraordinary telemarketer some day, as he's got the keen talent to say his piece and not give a rat's ass about your answers.

Either that, or he'll be one hell of a male ballet dancer, as he now runs with his arms by his side and his hands fanned out, like some freaky tap dancer.




Loukia said...

Way too cute!

Loukia said...

By the way, I tagged you in my blog, so check it out! :)

Julie said...

How cute? I think you need to video him entering a room.

ohio blue eyes said...

does he have "jazz hands"!? AWESOME!

Rachel said...

Gah, I love toddlers this age and the cute shit they do!

Blue Momma said...

Punkin' did the same thing!

Now he just says "I'm Sorry" every five minutes.

Can you just guess how much trouble he stays in?

Slick said...

Ha....he'll grow out of this. In a few short years, he'll answer your question without actually hearing the question because he'll be too involved in whatever video game he's playing or program he's watching.

It's happened to me and I'm not grown out of it yet!

Kellie said...

Video!! Video of coming into the room and of the freaky tap dancer moves :)

That Chick Over There said...


Would he be interested in a slightly older woman? Girl Child is available.

buddha_girl said...

My Buddha and your Little Man would likely rule the world with their Satan voices. Period. From here on out we are to work together to avoid them EVER meeting.

Our asses would be in the proverbial sling if that happened!

BTW, Buddha's very into saying "thank you" these days...along with wagging his finger at me and saying, "No, no, Mommy!" Joy. Such joy. God help me.

Sam said...

He sounds so adorable!