Monday, June 11, 2007

Serenity Now, Serenity Now

It's been a really, really crappy morning at the office. The kind of day that goes down the tubes before 8:30 a.m. and you think to yourself that you'd be better off going home, hiding under the blankets, and smoking much Marlboro Ultra Lights while consuming vodka straight from a bottle.

But lookie here kids! I only have 4 and a half more days to screw up before it's the weekend again! Hurray!


So guess what? We finished painting our room. Here's my Mastercard commercial for it:

Special expensive Ralph Lauren Paint that you need two gallons of because your bedroom's big: $93
Brushes, rollers, painter's tape and the myriad of other painting supplies you need: $30
Realizing when the entire room is dry that the candlelight paint looks like shit: Priceless.

So our room? It looks like one giant sneaker. Not an actual sneaker, just the reflective tape part. As we were laying in bed last night, I saw, without my glasses or contacts, a fuzzy glow in the corner and had to ask Sweetie Pie if that was the paint or the smoke detector.

Good news is, we woke up this morning with a killer tan.

On another note? Little Man used his first sentence this weekend. He handed a crayon to his dad and when Sweetie Pie said "You want to draw?" Little Man said "Yeah, I'm so excited." Notice there's no explanation point there. Little Man said it with the same enthusiasm I would if you told me I could have a margarita, but you're out of tequila. But he then said it three more times, as if saying it enough would convince him that he was, in fact excited.

You know what has me excited? The fact that I only have one pair of work pants that fit me. All the rest of them are way too tight. So that should I become pregnant, I will have to wear maternity pants about four weeks into my pregnancy. I'm also saying that I'm excited with no exclamation point. Just in case sarcasm doesn't carry over by blog.




Emma in Canada said...

$93 on paint? What's that in Canadian dollars? $105 0r something? That's pretty expenisve. I thought paint was supposed to be a cheap way to increase the value of your home. But I guess that's what you get for Ralph Lauren paint. Do they give you a sticker of the little horse to stick on the wall so that everyone will at least know you used designer paint?

Anonymous said...

Emma's, DO they give the sticker??

Um...sorry. Although, that seems rather lame when you spend that money and time on your room for it to look like a sneaker.

Does it help that I think you're fan-freakin-tastic?? No? Well, that's all I have.

random_mommy said...

Pants are so overrated.

Jhianna said...

Yeah, what she said: pants are overrated. PJ bottoms are totally where it's at. Right? Tell me those drawstring, fleecy things aren't just the bee's knees (augh - I actually just typed that, and I'm leaving it in too, man - is it Friday yet?)

I better go get the Belvedere....

Gerbil said...


Jhianna hits the nail dead bang.

Lounge pants are IT.

jesse said...

When I was prego w/Chunky Monkey I was already "showing" at about 3 months-so yes pants are overrated.

Rachel said...

I really think we need to see some pictures of said room.

I heart lounge pants!