Friday, June 29, 2007

Five Weeks Away From Sesame Place

In exactly five weeks and three days, we will be only hours from having dinner with Big Bird. I know you're totally wishing you were me right now.

And the crazy part? Is that I'm really, really excited.

Vacations used to mean going to the South of France and lounging on the beach, enjoying rose wine in a cafe in the evenings before strolling romantically through French streets. It was nice, it was lovely, it was the kind of vacations that people dream of taking their entire lives.

And now? Now that we have a toddler, vacations mean standing next to a poor college kid trapped in a six-foot tall Elmo costume to take a picture of a terrified toddler. Because I'm being realistic. As much as Little Man loves Ernie and Elmo, seeing them as real-live ginormous people? More than likely, will scare the doo doo out of him, maybe enough to actually make him regular and off the milk of magnesia.

And yet I can't wait. I can't wait to see his little face as he finds out that there's an amusement park dedicated to nothing but his favorite TV show. And I can't wait to take him to the Sesame water park, where they have toddler water slides. Can you imagine that? It's a slide! And it has water! ON IT! It's like combining a bath and a slide together! I anticipate that little man's brain will explode on multiple occasions. Luckily, his Jeep umbrella stroller is washable.

Here's where the world of blogging amazes me. Sesame Park? I didn't know it existed. Would never even have occured to me as a vacation spot. Because, that'd be the equivalent to me thinking "I wonder if there's a place to vacation that has nothing but hot men who want to give me foot massages?" I mean, even if I dreamed that up, I don't know if I'd google it.

But then, I posted here, a few months ago, about Little Man's love of Sesame Street and his deepening love for Ernie.

And a complete stranger to me, someone who just happened to start reading my blog for reasons that I will never understand. Someone who I've since gotten to know through her own blog, and whose quirks I'm starting to know, whose kids' names, interests, talents, etc. I know almost as well as I know my real-life friends' kids.

Someone who has emailed me a few times, and who've I emailed on occasions. Someone who has become a blogger friend, something I didn't know existed two years ago. And yet, this person, out of the blue, commented about Sesame Place and influenced my vacation plans this year. Julie, on behalf of Little Man and myself (not so much Sweetie Pie, because I still think he's not too thrilled about this trip), thanks for being such a great blogger friend and thanks for letting us know that the wonderfulness of Sesame Place exists.

I can't wait!




Anonymous said...

I want to go to Sesame Place, too. I can't to feel the excitement and happiness. I'm sure Morgan would love it, too!! :)

Blog friends kick ASS!! I love all of mine and would be lost without you all :)

Emma in Canada said...

Where is this Sesame Place? Because if it's thousandsof miles away I couldn't really blame Sweetie Pie for not being too thrilled. Did you ever go to Flintstone land in BC? I used to love that place!

Emma in Canada said...

okay i just looked it up and sweetie pie is so wrong not to be too thrilled. Feck, I want to go now. And we don't even watch SS in our house anymore.

jesse said...

I didn't even know there was a Sesame Place. Have fun!

Melissa said...

And now you're passing along the bloggity knowledge of Sesame Place, cuz dude I had no idea either. Maybe it's a Canadian thing? We're not CC'd on the Sesame Street memos?

Melissa said...

OMG - just mapped it on Google and Toronto is only 7 hours from SP! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Loukia said...

Whoa. There is a Sesame Place in Toronto? Damn that city has it all... (whining because I live in Ottawa) shopping... the zoo... and Sesame Place? Not fair! ;)
I'm sure you guys will have a blast!

Julie said...

I hope you all enjoy it! But how could seeing Little Man go nuts be bad?! We really should be taking Emily - she's so obsessed with ALMO as she calls him.

I hope you still like me after you go! : ) Thanks for all the kind words. I read you because you are hysterically funny silly catwoman - that's why!

That Chick Over There said...

That sounds great! I would totally give Big Bird a high five!

Elle said...

Hey love, I nominated you for something something on my blog!!

M said...

Bloggers Rule. Your vaca sounds like it will rule. I'll send Liam via UPS the week before you leave just let me know when. I'm sure two toddlers are better than one in a place that could cause such choatic glee. :) Tell me there will be many many pictures and tales of horror!

Ms. Porter said...

my kids would LOVE this place!

Slick said...

Once you have kids, vacations are all about standing in lines, picture taking, and stuff.

I never complained though, it was always worth it after they still tell the stories years later. :)

Ya'll are gonna have a blast!

Rachel said...

Sesame Place sounds fun! I heart Julie too!