Thursday, June 28, 2007

Another Example of Great Money Management

So Sweetie Pie calls me at work yesterday afternoon, right when I'm about to leave. And he tells me that he can't buy us dinner for date night, because he just checked our account balance on his phone, and we're down to two dollars. Two freaking measly dollars. Which means that Little Man currently has way more money than us.

What will two dollars buy you? Not much, I'm afraid. It will buy you a fancy dinner if you happen to go back in time to 1896. I'm sure a prime rib dinner then was like 25 cents.

But now? In 2007? Except for a couple of boxes of Mac and Cheese, there's not much you can get.

So how did this happen, yet again, you ask?

Well, my friends, I'll once again blame it on everything but myself. I'll blame it on, for example the fact that my day care spending flex plan at work had an issue this month, so I couldn't my $400 back from them that I always get after the 15th. Since I'm not Paris Hilton, a $400 lack of money is a really, really big deal on my tight budget.

And then, I'm going to blame the fact that there are some really, really great kids' sales going on right now. Like Gymboree? They had up to 60 percent off on stuff. And Little Man's 2T wardrobe for next summer, it is sadly, sadly lacking! And I always buy end of season stuff on clearance for the following year. This is how Little Man was voted best dressed baby of our neighborhood.

Also? Janie & Jack, an expensive store that I never shop from, had stuff for 60 percent off! Which means that I got Little Man three kid designer shirts for the prices of Old Navy shirts! Which really? I had to do it!

And then Old Navy had some awesome sales too, even if their change room chick is still on my Need-to-Claw-Eyes-Out list. But I even got Little Man a camo raincoat for this fall that was oh-too-cute.

But It's not like I spent thousands of dollars, the way Britney does in half an hour. I got all of this for under $100. Three stores, $100. I mean really? Can you do better than that?

And yet, still, here I sit, one day before pay day with only two dollars in our accounts.

And a penny. There's a penny on my desk. Which just made me 0.5 percent richer than I was when I started this post.

So see, there is a bright side!

So our fancy meal for date night last night? We had boxed Macaroni and cheese, with half a can of Wolf Brand chili mixed in.

Little Man and Sweetie Pie were thrilled, because they love poor people food way more than any fancy thing I can cook up.

Who needs lobster when there's canned chili in this world?




Beccy said...

Hey at least you are still in credit, we always seem to go overdrawn at the end of the month which is a real bummer when you try hard to be good.

Those clothes you bought for Little Man, totally needed, I would've done the same!

Julie said...

I'm sure Little Man looked stylin while eating his mac though!

.. Dallas Meow >^^ said...

sounds perfect to me - priorities are priorities - you all will have time and expendable income for dinners out when that little guy is out on the town on his own... and you know he'll be out 'cuz every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man ;)

Woobie said...

I feel your pain! I always tell Hubby that it feels like a race to $0 every week. And we win every time! haha! And you just can't pass up the great kids' clothes sales ... You're really saving yourself money! You go girl!

Emma in Canada said...

Welcome to my world. I have not yet been to Old Navy, but I hear they have women's jeans for $10 so I am going to buy a bunch for Taylor for school next year. But first I have to borrow money off my dad!

M said...

mmm. our fave? ANY boxed pasta mixed with boca. it's a gourmet meal for $2. YUM YUM!

I'm glad you're as talented as I in the $2 in the account gig. My little shopping expedition last night? yeah. Has left us with PENNIES.

Me = moron.

jesse said...

I feel your pain but luckily David is getting paid today.

Anonymous said...

I feel ya on this, girly!! Thank God Jimmy had some major overtime in this check--my adventure at Target cost me $185 this morning and I most likely spent another $82 in Babies R Us and ANOTHER $75 at Carter's. Whoops.

Holly said...

I feel a bit like this is mildly my fault for emailing you the link to Janie & Jack....
Hey. My little man's diet is ONLY mac & cheese. Oh, and we did try pizza tonight. He liked it. Maybe we're branching out...right!

That Chick Over There said...

Off to Google "Wolf Brand Chili".

ohio blue eyes said...

forget old navy and take your budgeted ass over to steve & barry's asap! i got these awesome blouses for under $8!!!

(and there is always my favorite alternative to dinner...POPCORN!)

My Minivan Is Faster Than Yours said...

I think from this point forward it should be illegal and unethical for you to not point out when there are awesome sales at those stores! My poor Target/Old Navy poster children could use a little lift in their wardrobe!

Rachel said...

Chili mac! Ah, the poor man's dinner. Lmao!