Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Yes Sirree, That's My Baby

I've talked numerous times about Little Man looking so much like his Baby Daddy, that when he was born the nurses kept going on and on to my recovering half dead self that he looked nothing like me, no really, he looked just like his daddy, there was none of me in there, and it's really amazing that a baby would look so little like its Mama.

There would have been much bloodshed if I hadn't been so weak. And been connected to so many tubes, which made it difficult for me to spring out of bed and maul them. Plus I wasn't allowed solids yet, which I'm sure mauling nurses would have been frowned upon by my doctor who would have argued they fell neither in the jello nor the chicken broth category.

But as Little Man grew up (let's face it, he's so grown up now that he's 20 months old), he began to look a little less like his dad, although I don't think he looks all the more like me because of it. He's got my lips. That's it.

What he did get from me though is my mannerisms, the good and the bad. The way that he'll run right smack into a table and not even blink. Or dance in a manner that suggests that maybe his hair has caught on fire. That's all me.

But on Sunday, when we were at dinner for Mother's Day with my in-laws, Sweetie Pie was playing with his new cell phone and caught a few candid shots with the camera on it. He sent me this one, and titled it "Like Mother, Like Son."

Since I was asleep my entire c-section, I guess there could have always been a doubt on whether they gave me the right baby at the hospital. But this? This? This shouts to the world that I threw all sorts of bad genes into this kid and that he's at least 50 percent me. Maybe even a little more than that.

Oh, and ignore the bad hair. I hadn't styled it that day. Because it's mother's day, and I can't be bothered to go through the whole routine on my special day. I'm also not wearing make up. You do get a peek at my splendid cleavage though, so focus on that and the baby please.




random_mommy said...

As I said before... ridiculous, just utterly ridiculous. I think you should call him "Mini-Me" and rejoice in the fact that he is tooooooo freakin' cute- just like his mommy! (His cleavage doesn't even compare to yours though.)

Elle said...

He is definately a keeper! But you already knew this!! I only have one kid that looks like me - the other two are totally hubby!

Anonymous said...

I'd call him Mini-Me (that's what I call Morgan!!). You're both cute...but, you win the cleveage award, my dear :)

Rachel said...

Oh, yeah, he's yours! No doubt. I know how you feel, all I ever hear is how Alyssa looks just like Chris, blah blah blah. And, I was asleep through my c-section too. If she didn't look so much like him, I'd swear they gave me the wrong baby!

Well, so maybe she has my attitude, but that doesn't prove anything.

Emma in Canada said...

Ha too cute. For a second I thought that you were actually in your in laws home and I was slightly worried about what sort of people you had married into.

Julie said...

Too funny! BTW, your bad hair day is better than my good!

Beccy said...

If that's a bad hair day I'd hate to show you my good hair day!

Two peas in a pod the pair of you are and a mighty fine clevage too!

M said...

Oh I think the mannerisms which show they are ours is even better than the physical.

Liam resembles me but not in an OH! You're SO my child kinda way. In an "you have 95 of her features smooshed on your body and a slice of dad too."

But OH! What makes me giddy? Is when he does something ridiculous. Like sleep with his arm straight up in the air. Who the hell does that? His mama.

So happy mother's day! And I hate you for having better clevage, bad hair, and no make up days than me combined. *sigh* You're a hagbag.

monster's momma said...

Love it! Miss you guys.

jesse said...

Yes he looks like you, and you look great-it's nice to finally put a face with what I've been reading. Oh and when my little monkey was born he looked nothing like me but now he does :)

Sam said...

Great photo, your hair looks fine, you should see mine on a bad hair day, which is pretty much every day.

JoeinVegas said...

He may not be yours, but it sure looks like you are training him correctly.
I'd better not comment on the other stuff.

That Chick Over There said...

Oh and aren't you the cutest!