Friday, May 11, 2007

When Lassie Would Come in Handy

Last weekend, Sweetie Pie and I were putting away laundry in our walk-in closet when Little Man walks into our bathroom and shuts the walk-in closet door. We laugh, until we hear him opening the drawers of my vanity, which are directly behind the door. We hear him rifle, and then we hear him walking away. But we don't hear the drawers close. We try to open the door, but we are trapped, the open drawers behind the door serving as the perfect door stopper.

And our arms are not long enough to reach through the door opening and reach the drawers. We are pretty much prisoners of a 20-month old.

We start calling Little Man over. A minute later he walks in, and seems surprised by our situation.

So he laughs at us.

We plead with him to close the drawers. Which normally, if he opens a kitchen cabinet and you ask him to close it, he'll happily do.

But not this time, oh no. You can clearly see on his face that he is thinking that finally, he'll be able to bang the crap out of our flat-screen LCD TV with his toy truck without being told to stop.

And so he laughs and walks away.

The booger left us to rot.

Luckily, I spotted my hand washed clothing hanging rack, which has been used about twice in six years, and we were able to use it as an arm extension to close the drawers.

Otherwise? Our options were to die a slow death in our walk-in closet while hoping Little Man would decide to free us.

Or call my mother-in-law so that she can rescue us and she would totally find out that we live like complete slobs when we're not expecting company. And that I have a sparkly purple rabbit vibrator, since it was sitting on my bathroom counter.

I've never been so glad to have a drying rack. Best 10 bucks I ever spent.




Kellie said...

I'm not sure which is funnier...falling prey to a 20 month old or the rabbit on the counter :) Both are pretty funny.

BTW, would that be the same rabbit that caused you to, um, injure yourself a while back?

Julie said...

Ok, that is priceless! If he's locking you away at 20 months imagine what the teen years have in store! : )

Emma in Canada said...

Your husband helps put away laundry?

I too am wondering the same thing as Kellie. Plus is that rabbit really good? Cause King Tut... he sucks.

You must have left your comment while I was updating, because I did think of an extra 3 things.

Beccy said...

I was expecting you to say Little Man discovered your rabbit!

jesse said...

What a smart little cookie, I bet the look on his little face was priceless knowing you guys couldn't get out.

beebop said...

its sparkley? I WANT ONE, sounds pretty and majestical!

Alyssa said...

I am one sex party away from a free re=abbit! Can't wait to put that sucker to use! Good to know it comes in sparkly colors!

Elle said...

LMAO now that would've been interesting!!! LOL you have the purple one? I have a pink one ;)

random_mommy said...

they're so cute yet diabolical at this age.

Rachel said...

I'm with Kellie, I'm torn between which is funnier!

Rachel said...

Oh, and he's totally putting you both in a home when you're old!