Wednesday, May 16, 2007

When the Hippy In Me Screams to Come Out

There are things you become more aware of once you have a child. Like the number of times the local news covers stories of young kids hit by cars, or who've fallen into pools.

Or the number of kids who have horrible diseases that make your heart hurt just thinking about the remote possibility of your child developing it.

The fact that the US has been at war the entire time of pregnancy and the entire time Little Man has been alive is affecting me more and more every day.

This morning, CNN and the Today Show talked about the 7 soldiers who were ambushed by insurgents in Iraq. Four of them are dead, three are still missing.

And as they showed the pictures of the soldiers, one of them was 19 years old. He was just a kid! And on Mother's Day, his mother found out that her child was killed.

While I laid in bed, eating waffles with my toddler, grinning ear to ear, able to tickle him, kiss him, run my fingers through his silky hair, this woman had to come to the realization that she would never ever get to do the same with her son.

I'm a pacifist. I'm from Canada after all, the country that invented peacekeeping. And now that I have a son, the idea of Little Man joining the army breaks my heart.

I don't care if that makes me selfish. I don't care if the idea of my son being blown up by a bomb in a hot desert doesn't fill me with pride makes me sound like a bad person.

This morning, I took Little Man and I asked him "can you make your Mama a promise right now?

- Yeah.

- Can you promise Mama that you will never, ever joined the army or any kind of armed forces?"

He hesitated, thought about it for a second and responded "yeah."

I probably should have gotten it on film, but hopefully he'll just stick to his word. To all of the moms of the thousands of soldiers killed in the line of duty, I say to you that my heart bleeds for you in more ways than you can ever imagine. And all I wish for is for your sons to come home into your arms. Because no mother should have to find out her baby died in a war on Mother's Day. Or any other day for that reason.

And to the sons and daughters around the world fighting for their country, I want you to know that whether we agree with the war or not, we support you and want you to come home soon.




Emma in Canada said...

That was a very moving post. I have a hard time with the war, and with Canada's role in it. I do support our troops and, unlike lots of my fellow Liberals, do not support pulling them out right now. What would happen if they left? My feelings on Iraq are a bit more conflicted, they never should have been there in the first place but same goes.. what happens if they leave now?

And yeah, my heart bleeds for every mother who has lost a child, soldier or innocent bystander.

Wow, I'm not sure if I can handle deepness so early in the day. Will you be back to funny tomorrow?

M said...

Daughter of a Marine (and the man was Canadian before he joined up!!) and wife of a former Marine (who debated reenlisting when we realized Lily was on her way!) even I can agree with this post.

I saw that news report and cried and cried. Just heartbreaking. I cannot begin to imagine.

I pray my children will have no interest in joining the armed forces. Because cod knows the reason people join are not why they are dying, and injured, and away from home, and in harms way day in day out. And that horrifies me.

I could probably fill your comments with an entire entry on the topic because its so complex.

It's just heartbreaking its a topic at all. :-(

Rachel said...

I was already in a teary kind of mood today and that just iced the cake!

I agree with you 100%. While I fully support our armed forces, I do not support this stupid war and I never will. Choosing to be a soldier is a very very honerable choice and I really do thank God that many men and women choose to do so everyday. Without their protection, where would we be?

However, I DO NOT EVER want any of my kids to choose that. EVER. And, you're right, that may be selfish, but they are the only kids that I have. I wouldn't be able to stop them from making the decision to join the armed forces, but it would truly break my heart.

My heart hurts for those mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, kids, etc that do have someone they love in harm's way every day and I pray they come home safe.

Kellie said...

I don't agree with this war, but fully support those brave men and women fighting it. I have two younger cousins in Iraq and another on his way next month.

Finding out your child was killed in a war is enough to kill any mother. Finding that out on Mother's Day would send me over the edge. I can't imagine what that's like and pray I never do.

Julie said...

Very nicely put! Regardless how we individually feel about the war we need to support those over there risking their lives.

Melissa said...

We're Canadian with American kids and I really hope the draft never makes a comeback. Cuz I would totally hide all my kids in Canada forever then let them go to war. Even if it meant no more trips to NY for my Target fix.

Beccy said...

I'm glad to be living in Ireland. We do have an army but it's very small and doesn't engage in combat only peace keeping for the UN.

I would hate for any of my family to fight in a war.

That Chick Over There said...

I do not support the war, either, but I support the troops fully.

That being said, I pray every single night that neither of my children ever enlist. I know that probably sounds terrible, and I'm certain I would do my best to be supportive of them if they do, but man, I hope they don't.

When Boy Child was 7 he looked at me solemnly and said, "This war will never end. It will never end mom."

I got chills all over my body. Terrifying.

That Chick Over There said...

Oh, and my dad was in Vietnam, which was long before I was born. It changed him so, so much though, from what I understand.