Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We're All About Subtlety

So 'twas the long weekend. A three-day weekend. Which means sleeping in until 7 a.m.! For three days straight! And asking "what do you want to do?" back and forth. For 72 hours!

We live in a freaking-tastic neighborhood. With two pools. One of which has sand all around it, and looks like a lagoon. So when you asked us "what do you broke folks intend to do this weekend?" We responded with "go on bike rides, go to the park, go to the pools..."

All of these are outdoor activities, you see.

But apparently, Texas is now the Eeyore of the United States. With a constant dark cloud over our heads and the kind of rains that will make you look like you're in a wet t-shirt contest if you stand outside for more than 0.2 seconds.

And that kind of weather is not conducive to pool going, biking or playing at the park. Not with a toddler anyway.

So by Monday, Sweetie Pie and I were so bored, that Sweetie Pie actually said he couldn't wait to get back to work. How sad are we, right?

And so we did what any desperate bored couple would do. We went to Home Depot.

And we bought paint. And painter's tape. And drop cloths. And rollers. And paint trays.

And we prepped our bedroom and painted it. WEEEEE! We are so freaking fun, people are lining up to come over.

And so I give you the before and after reveal now. No pictures, because one, it's not done. Two, until we have bought all of the furniture we want to complete the look, you don't get to see nothing (expect pictures some time around 2012).

Our master bedroom before: beige.

Our master bedroom after: beige.

Wh-what?, you say.

That's right, be-atches. We painted our beige bedroom beige. But it's a different beige. One with a little less pink and more tan in it. Huge difference if you've got hawk eyes.

But see, it's all about the soon-to-be put on top coat which is this effect. See how the light makes it shimmer? Our old beige couldn't do that.

In case you're curious, we painted our room in the Stony Mountain color. And we'll eventually paint our master bathroom in the Kaui color, although we won't do the candlelight effect in that room, because that candlelight top coat is a-freaking expensive!

So now, I'm just a little closer to finishing Little Man's room, because we painted the chair rail for his room. Next step is putting up the chair rail, touching up the red paint in the spots that could use some touching up and then painting his furniture navy blue (I know, sounds weird, but we got him all mismatched stuff, so I'd like it to look like it's a set) and then decorating it. I figure it'll be ready to move in by the time he's 18. And then he'll whine that he's too old for the fire truck theme. Because kids these days, they are so freaking ungrateful.

After the two bedrooms are done, we're moving on to the dining room, whoop! Our goal, as soon as we have the money (hopefully later this year) is to take out the cat-urine soaked carpet and replace it with hand-scraped dark wood floors. Hopefully we'll do the same thing in the living room too.

So what do we do when we get board? We renovate, that's what.

Little Man was all into it to, helping us strategically place small pieces of painter's tape, like in the middle of the windows and on the carpet. Because you never know where that paint will go.

Here's to hoping the fourth of July weekend is sunny.




Kellie said...

I admit I was all "What the?" when I read the before and after colors :) But, I do like the shimmery-ness of the topcoat.

Painting can be fun. Unless you're like me and you get bored halfway through. Jimmy hates when I say "let's paint" 'cause knows it means a crapton of work for him :)

random_mommy said...

you are soooo suburban!!

(I am too, just funnier to point it out in others.)

Emma in Canada said...

Ralph Lauren paint? How much more is that than, say, Behr? I'm desperate to paint, my house is all beige and is driving me crazy. I pick paint based on the name because I'm a loser like that. My future kitchen? Crazy Daisy. Because everytime I look at the swatch the name makes me smile.

M said...

I LOVE Emma's plan of looking at the NAME to pick it!

Also...beige over beige? Niiiiiiice.

I'm impressed it took you that long to go stir crazy! Hooray for some overhauling of stuff! I wish I had a house to do such projects. Of course I'd be the lame ass to poop out halfway througha nd decide I wasn't interested in participating anymore and my husband would murder me and that'd be no good.

And WOOT to the cute boy and all his assistance. He rocks.

Julie said...

Bummer on the weather but look how much work you got done! WHat are hand-scraped dark wood floors and who's hands to the scraping?

Beccy said...

When you've finished there I've a whole house that needs painting.

jesse said...

I know can you believe it rained all weekend and look today it's bright and sunny and around 83.

Rachel said...

Could you just send a bit of that rain over here? It's pretty dry and I am too lazy to water my plant!