Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Meme? Of Course!!!!

Oh the sheer joy of being tagged! When I was a kid, being tagged just reminded me that my legs were really short and that I could be outrun by anyone. But now, being tagged means someone in bloggerland needs a sucker. And I'm always happy to be the sucker!

So here's the latest meme to cross my path, courtesy of Jesse.

First, the rules: each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog the rules and answers. Then you choose seven people and make sure to leave a comment on their blog.

1. I have a scar on my right forearm. I was born with a strawberry (a type of birth mark also called a hemangioma) there and my mom, emotionally scarred by the fact her father has a port wine-stain on half of his face that she was teased about all growing up, had the doctor remove it, which left some scarring. My mother didn't know that strawberries tend to disappear by the age of two, the doctor never told her. She still feels guilty about "scarring" me, but since I've had the scar since I was born, I always forget it's there until people point it out to me. I don't even think it's very noticeable, it's just a few blotches of paler skin and have never bothered by it, unlike everything else about my physical appearance.

2. When I was 13 years old, I told my grandfather that I was going to go to a sperm bank in my 30's and have a baby by myself, because I didn't think I ever wanted to get married. Apparently my very conservative and strict grandfather almost choked on his piece of baguette.

3. I was a flight attendant for most of the time I was in university. During that time, I was on two planes that caught on fire. I'm pretty much convinced that I could never be in a plane crash now, since I'm supposed to be more likely to die in a car crash, right? Right?

4. I'm kind of afraid of drycleaner coat hangers. Not in a complete phobia kind of way where I can't even see one, but I always have these frightening flashes of having the hook part stuck in my throat and of desperate women trying to abort a metal hanger when I put my dry cleaning away. I just can't associate those sharp metal things just with clean laundry and they just turn my stomach every time I handle one.

5. When I retire, I wouldn't mind just raising goats, milking them and making my own goat cheese. I think that would kind of be fun. And then I could have a stand at a market once a week and sell my own cheese. I'd also like to grow veggies and fruits. And then I realize that with my short attention span, I'd probably only last a couple of weeks doing that stuff. But in my head, it sounds really fun.

6. I can eat a four-pack of Cadbury Cream Eggs in one sitting. I feel horribly gross afterwards, but when I'm doing it, it's like the whole world glows in beautiful colors. I'm pretty sure they contain some kind of illegal substance to taste that good.

7. I ran away from home when I was 18 because I practically failed out of university from doing absolutely no work in my third year. I figured it was easier to run away rather than deal with my parents' disappointment. My father tracked me down by stalking one of my best friends and convincing her at 3 a.m. after staking out her house until she came home from a bar to tell him where I was. She felt so sorry for him, she did and so my dad found me by sunrise. I really shouldn't try to hide out from the mob if I ever piss them off, because I probably won't get far.

So now, 7 people I tag are:

Emma in Canada
Random Mommy

And really, anyone else who wants to be tagged, I just figured these were the 7 more likely to not be irritated at getting tagged, because they seem to get tagged regularly and never complain. Well, a couple of them don't, but I figure they're crazy women and I'd love to hear their random facts!




Beccy said...

I know what you mean about the creme eggs only with me it would be a pack of cadburys chocolate fingers or a packet of jaffa cakes. I just can't stop until every last morsel has made it past my lips!

Will have to put my thinking cap on!

jesse said...

You're like David he can eat the whole package of cadbury eggs-me I don't like them which is weird because I love chocolate.

Julie said...

Ok, I almost peed in my pants about numbers 4 & 5. I also hate those coat hangers from the dry cleaners - they are really sharp sometimes! And the goats - I think you should start raising them now - think of the fabulous blog fodder you would get from that!

I will begin to think of my random bits now. Goats - that still cracks me up!

Emma in Canada said...

Aw shite. I don't think there's seven random things I haven't told you people. The only things I can think of are of a totally sexual nature, and I don't think the blogosphere wants to hear about my sexual history. Will have to think on this.

Elle said...

I like those cream eggs too but barf if I eat too many LOL!

Rachel said...

He he he, goats! I was laughing so hard at #5.

Kellie said...

Coat hangers from the dry cleaner freak me out, too. To the point that once I get the clothes home, they get hung on a different hanger!!

Thanks for the tag. Another blogger tagged me for the same meme and I was tagged for a different meme, too. All been added to my list :)