Monday, May 07, 2007

Mayday! Mayday!

I realize I'm a little hormonal. What with my period still in the midst of its enthusiastic grip on my bloated body.

But this morning, I walked by a coworker's desk where she'd displayed the pictures of her four-month old baby and I started to cry.

Because I really, really want one of those.

Not the picture, the baby.

Now I realize that I have a toddler at home. And that despite my irresponsible flying without a net and showing the restraint of a hormonal teenager these past two months, I know I'm not supposed to get pregnant right now.

Because I've still got to be told by the specialist that I'm not about to commit suicide by pregnancy.

My appointment is in 8 days. During those 8 days, I will be ovulating.

The question is: do I just go for it?

Or do I do the adult thing, wait for the appointment where I'm almost certain that the doctor will tell me that I can proceed, that I just need to be monitored carefully and start trying next month?

It's not like another month is going to kill me.

Doesn't help that a lot of my mommy friends are either pregnant or have just popped baby number two.

Damn peer pressure and all.

So, Internet? What should I do?

My procreating is in your capable hands.




Emma in Canada said...

Well, I would say go for it myself, because if my calculations are correct, getting pregnant in June could quite likely lead you to a Picses baby. I have 2 and YIKES. Not pretty.

Not that you should base it on star signs or my experiences!

Is there something in the blog water? Cause the whole hormonal teenager? That's me. So is the flying without a net, which is just foolish on my part.

Rachel said...

I would wait. Just because it's better to be safe than sorry and, like you said, another month will not kill you.

That Chick Over There said...

I am absolutely no help and probably should not give any advice, because I would give Jason's left testicle to have another baby.

Damn infertility.

That Chick Over There said...

Also, Jason would now be asking me not to promise his bodily parts for things I want.

I totally can't win.

Beccy said...

I'd advise waiting as well, but I do know what it is like to yearn for a baby, I was ready for no. 2 way before hubby was and I found it very difficult. Another month is not too long for peace of mind!

beebop said...

i say wait one more month. i am a greedy internet luv'r and i dont want you to be dead because you didnt wait one more month. maybe you two should practice self touching instead? heeeheeheehee

elle said...

Honestly, just wait until your appointment first. First and foremost, you need to think of your health and your little guy!! Not much good for you to get preggers and then something happens to you kwim? You can wait one more month if the doctor gives you the go ahead!! I wouldn't take the chance.

I hope you get encouraging news though at your appointment! I'm not exactly sure what the cause of the life threatening problem was during you son's birth; but I hope it's something that can be avoided!!!

Kellie said...

Please don't threaten to contact the peeps at Target and have me banned buuuut....I think you should wait. I'm selfish and if something happens to you, I'd have to be extremely sad (as in never be able to go to Target again sad!!).

But, who the hell am I and what the hell do I know? :)

Julie said...

I hate to jump on the "you should wait" bandwagon but you should wait. You're appointment is too close to not wait. Just think, you don't want to risk your health over 8 days right?

Alpha Dude 1.5 said...

My two cents worth (only 1.6 cents, Canadian).....

Listen to your doctor, talk to your hubby, spend time alone with God. Don't forget to pray.


jesse said...

I think you should wait and see what the dr. says. I know it stinks but it's better to be safe and know for sure.
Oh I'm also tagging you so check my post I've been tagged.

M said...

Oh honey. 8 days. I realize I'm a day late but 8 days until you get to know if it's safe. You know the answer on yes or no.

I'm sorry it hurts your heart. I just hope the specialist appointment makes your heart happy and you are given the opportunity to try try try like a freaking rabbit. xoxo