Friday, May 18, 2007

Kellie Will Nod Her Head Furiously During This Entire Post

So I got left out of the lunch plans by the boys in my department yet again, which is usually fine, since I usually hang out with the girls, but both of them had plans, and so I was left in my cubicle to ponder how to escape my blue fabric walls.

I realized that I had errands to run. And so off to buy make up I went and then off to Target to buy some play-doh.

Please note that next to the name "Target" I've only listed one item to buy.

That would be Play-Doh. In case you missed it the first time. I needed to stop by Target to buy this one item, because Little Man received two little cans of Play-Doh at a friend's birthday party and it has since dried out to the point that Niagara Falls couldn't revive it and Little Man has been crushed ever since that he doesn't have a bright orange piece of squishy goo to hurl at the LCD TV, the dogs, our heads and anything else that can serve as a target.

This is what I walked out of Target with:

- 2 Tupperwares (both from the dollar section)
- A little notepad with a black lab on it that looks identical to Satan's Dog
- 2 board books
- a set of plastic toddler spoons and forks
- a large box of Whoppers
- Beach shoes for Little Man
- 2 packs of gum
- a pin wheel
- a beach toy set that included a pail, a water runner thingie, a shovel and rake and truck

Note that nowhere in this list is Play-doh listed.

How does one walk into a store with one item in mind and walk out with 12 other items?

Oh the brilliance that is Mr. Target!




Beccy said...

I'm so jealous, I've only had the pleasure of shopping in target once.

alissa said...

You've just described every single Loblaws, Walmart, and Home Depot excursion I've even made.

M said...

Okay at least you didn't walk out spending $100 which is what happens EVERY time I walk in there. *shudders* (though last time I walked out spending only $81...strictly by the grace of coupons!)

I like your purchases. I want them. Oh, and how do you go in to get one thing and leave with twelve? I'm pretty sure they pipe in some kind of crack. At least you didn't hit the clearance sections. Those do me in. I have to go to the end of EVERY department just to see what they MIGHT POSSIBLY HAVE AT A DISCOUNT.

Target is demonic.

Especially since you didn't get the play-doh! your poor son!

Anonymous said...

Oh my girl....I was nodding my head so fast, it almost fell off :)

My last Target trip (Friday night) was to buy birthday gifts, cards and wrapping paper. Got the paper, the cards, some cute (ON SALE) sandals for Morgan, two more summer shirts and shorts for her, a case of diapers and a case of wipes, Clorox wipes and a set of Rubbermaid food storage thingies.

Get home, get her bathed and into bed. Grab the bags with the wrapping paper and then start swearing like a sailor. Wrapping paper is good....if you have the gifts to wrap!!

While I love Target with all I am, I HATE that the store sucks not only my ability to buy ONLY what I went in for AND money from the checkbook. I even THINK of Target and my account balance drops by at least $100.


That Chick Over There said...

Stupid Target and all the beautiful shiny things there!

Julie said...

You are a nice mom - I don't let my kids play with play-dough at home. I know, awful but that stuff is impossible to get out of the carpet!

I do that ALL.THE.TIME. I need to make a special trip to the grocery store today to get the items I forgot on yesterday's special trip.

And you post reminded me, I need to get water shoes for the kids for daycare this summer. Sprinkler day - wahoo!

Rachel said...

Ugh, I cannot go into Target without getting some thing I NEVER intended on getting. Yesterday, I had to talk myself out of going because I knew...