Thursday, May 03, 2007

Icky Tummies

My work line rings at 2:47 p.m. yesterday. It's Sweetie Pie. As soon as I pick up he says "Little Man is sick."

"What???" I'm surprised by this. He was perfectly fine this morning.

But apparently the daycare has called my husband to tell them that to celebrate his 20-month birthday, our son has decided to develop a 102-degree fever.

But a fever is one thing. The fact that my son ever so often grabs his tummy on the right side while whining is what concerns me most.

So off to the pediatrician we go later this morning to be checked out. Nothing funny to say today, except that the work I brought home has been scattered by my toddler all over the house and run over with his truck. Remember that post about my son putting things in my life in perspective? This is once again where I've figured out that papers don't have to just be sources of work. They can also make for a really, really kick ass obstacle course.

And also? My laptop case with the wheels on it? It's a really, really great way to wheel around a stuffed frog.




Julie said...

I hope Little Man feels better and that it isn't anything serious.

Emily uses my calculator as a phone.

random_mommy said...

Keep us posted... I will be worried until you tell us it's nothing serious.

Beccy said...

Sending good whishes and hoping little amn feels better soon.

Emma in Canada said...

Awww...poor Little Man. Saoirse was up all night with something and is currently wheezing away on the couch, half asleep.

Rachel said...

Oh, I hope Little Man is okay!! Keep us posted.

That Chick Over There said...

Love his little heart. I hope he feels better soon.