Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Creating New Stereotypes

Sweetie Pie and I are laying in bed last night, about to fall asleep, when I say:

"I have something to tell you. It's a big secret of mine.

- OK.

- I just don't know if I can tell you though, because I think you'll make fun of me. But you're supposed to be my best friend, and I should be able to tell you anything, so don't you think it's bad that I can't tell you this?

- I don't know. What's the secret?

- You promise you won't make fun of me?

- (sigh) I won't make fun of you, just say it.

- OK. (long pause) Ever since the pregnancy, I have two chin hairs that I have to tweeze regularly.

- Uh huh.

- That's it? That's all you have to say about my secret? Two hairs! That's practically a goatee!

- I think it's normal that you have chin hairs.

- You do?

- Yeah, you're French. You people are hairy.




Julie said...

You crack me up. And no, I don't have a super great job that I've been hiding from you all this time. It's pretty good as jobs go but I sometimes get advance copies of books b/c I sell advertising to a bunch of publishers.

P.S. I looked for your email address but couldn't find it online anywhere.

Emma in Canada said...

What is it about pregnancy and facial hair?

TexasBluegoose said...

So funny. I never knew that happened after having a baby. If they bug you enough I have a great electrolysist in Dallas who can take care of those in less than a minute. She charges a dollar a minute, min of $15 so for $15 no more goatee!

Rachel said...

How funny! Chris would have probably pointed out chin hairs before I even noticed them. And he probably would've tried to pin me down and pull them out. He's sweet like that, lol.

Kellie said...

Ahhh...remember when the nightly conversations with your man were about the weekend getaway? Or, the big night he had planned for you tomorrow? Or, how much you loved one another.

No? Well, don't feel bad. Neither do I :)

Beccy said...

Lucky you to only have two!!!

jesse said...

Girl you crack me up, at least he didn't try to pull them out for you.