Friday, May 18, 2007

Combining Two Memes on a Friday...

So I was tagged earlier this week for this "When I'm an Old Woman" meme by Jesse and a long time ago I think somebody tagged me for the Real Moms... meme, so I'm getting them all done here.

I still need to respond to the questions Jodi sent me by email that I promised to turn into a post. They're coming, I promise.

On to the memes:

When I’m an old woman I hope to:

- Travel the world
- Have a cool hobby, like doing freelance writing for magazines or raising goats and milking them to make my own cheese to sell at the market (which I mentioned in another meme recently)
- Still be with Sweetie Pie and still be happy, instead of one of those cranky miserable old couples who seems to hate each other
- Have lots of grandchildren that I will spoil rotten
- Be considered cool, with cool clothes and a kick ass convertible car
- Have finished hundreds of scrapbooks that detail my life, my children's lives and our family tree

When I’m an old woman I will not:
- Complain constantly about being old and all my aches and pains
- Lecture young people about how they don't know anything because they're not old
- Constantly tell young people that things were so much better in the "good old days" because really, they can't do anything about it
- Force my grandkids to listen to the oldies station that will play 80s and 90s music all day long. My grandchildren shouldn't have to be forced to listen to Right Said Fred

And here's my take on real moms:

Real moms don't care that their cars are full of cheerios, goldfish crackers and McDonald's dollar toys

Real moms laugh at the rules they made for themselves when they were pregnant when they swore there'd be no TV before two and candy would be off limits

Real moms think that there are worst things in the world than reading Green Eggs and Ham five times in a row

Real moms pretend they didn't know the toddler pooped in his diaper when dad's only five minutes from getting home

Real moms don't judge other moms who do things different than them

Real moms think their kid is the smartest, cutest kid in the world, no matter what

Real moms weep every time they hear of a child that's been abused, kidnapped or has developed a terminal disease

Real moms do nasty things like pick ear wax out of their child's ear and boogers out of their nose

Real moms don't always shower, don't always apply make up and don't care




Emma in Canada said...

I'm so glad i'm not the only one who picks their kids nose. Although I do have to say that at some point it does become gross. Picking a 10 years old nose? Not so pretty.

beebop said...

i do love a good booger rope!

jesse said...

I forgot about how old people always tell us younguns how things used to be. As for the real mom meme I loved it and I laughed so hard at the one where we know dad is almost home and the baby is in a poopy diaper-oh yeah I've done it. Actually everything you wrote is right on with how I am and things I've done.

Kellie said...

I am SO a real Mom based on the ear and nose thing. I swear to Target, my kid has big people sized boogers in there. SO disgusting...but, her nose is clean :)

I'd say I'm also a real Mom based on the "no tv before two" thing I swore by before she was born. Not so much now. Hell, if Little Einsteins, Charlie and Lola and Dora mean I get 30 to 60 minutes to eat, shower or just BE...I'm all over it!!

As ROCK :)

Loukia said...

Great answers!!!

Julie said...

Excellent answers! How scary is it that one day the 80s and 90s songs will be oldies. I'm feeling older just thinking about it. And the diaper thing - I TOTALLY do that whenever I can!

Beccy said...

I'm so guilty of being a real mum...and proud of it too!

Rachel said...

I am very very guilty of being a real mom. LMAO at the poop thing because I sooooo do that!

M said...

I'm so glad I qualify as a real mom according to your rules. WOOT!

And I get great joy picking my son (lily doesn't have enough goop to pick yet). But I have a picking problem. That probably should've been one of my secret things....