Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ah, Genetics...

So we're back from the doctor, which is always such a fun time. Especially when your appointment is at 11:15 a.m., you get into an exam room at 11:25 and then after the nurse leaves, no one come back for another 35 minutes. I had a conference call scheduled at noon. So enough to say, I had to call one of my execs, who's a dad and cool as crap, tell him about babies, fevers, and tummies aching and get him to cover for me. This is a guy who calls me "sister" every time I call him and makes me feel like I'm the coolest chick alive. So enough to say, no biggie.

Except for the fact that I sat in an examination room for 35 minutes with a toddler with only a few crappy toys in a drawer to entertain him. But amazing what monster noises from Mama and 52 renditions of 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star' can entertain a toddler long enough to make me get really, really nasty. Because if one of us was going to be the issue in this situation, you know it wouldn't be the great one, Little Man. Oh no, he'd be the one rolling his eyes at the nurses apologizing for my wailing and asking me to please behave like an adult.

I did get an apology when someone finally did discover us in the bowels of the doctor's office. Because I think we were simply forgotten about. Little Man's file was probably found under a left-over piece of pizza in the staff fridge and somebody went "crap, are they still here?"

Either way, Little Man was prodded and poked. And the diagnosis is that the fever is caused by a minor ear infection in his right ear. One that we probably won't need antibiotics for and so I'm sticking to the Advil/Tylenol combo for now, unless his fever is still there in three days.

And the tummy ache? Well, those of you who also read Random Mommy will have read her great post about Buddha yesterday and his inheritance of some fine neurotic genes. And to those of you who haven't, I say what the hell? Do you only like boring blogs? Because really, she's about 50,000 times funnier than I am.

Anyway, Little Man apparently read that post as well, and he was not going to be undermined by his BFF. And so the diagnosis? Little Man is also full of crap. Just like his Mama.

This is where the working mom guilt sets in because I noticed that the last couple of nights when he had a poop, it was a tiny little one, but since I don't see his poops during the day, I couldn't tell that not enough stuff was coming out.

So now we're on prune juice (yum!) and I got to give my son a laxative. Up his butt. I gave my son a suppository, oh the joy! And he seemed to like it. One more reason for me to continue to push for the legalization of gay marriage, I guess.




random_mommy said...

(sigh of relief)
followed by...
I can't believe he is full of poo, like his mommy! Isn't it weirdly wonderful how they really are a part of us??
About the whole gay thing... Buddha carries purses and likes feather boas. They were separated at birth....

Rachel said...

I was actually thinking this when I read your last post, lmao! Full of shit!

I'm glad it's nothing serious, though.

Kellie said...

Glad it's nothing serious...

Sucks to have been left in there for so long. Really? Do they not get that we're as busy as they are!!??

jesse said...

I'm glad little man is ok-poor guy. As for the dr. office why does it take them so freaking long, it's aggravating as crap.

beebop said...

oh shit. thats all I can think of too say to that.
good luck with your movements, the both of you!