Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Who Can Go To Bed Without Watching a Bunch of Losers First?

Little Man's been going through a phase lately where he's not that interested in going to bed at his bedtime. He likes to stay up. This is not a good thing, because Sweetie Pie and I really don't watch toddler appropriate television at night. We watch turds recycled as programming with titles like Real World/Road Rule Challenge: Inferno 3.

Because really, life wasn't complete enough with just Inferno 1 and 2.

If you haven't watched the show before, I'll summarize its cruddiness in one line. Basically, a bunch of people who've been on other MTV reality shows (in this case The Real World and its bad knock off Road Rules) are split into two teams, put in a house with too much alcohol and have to do these challenges and then each week one of them gets eliminated.

But really, the show is about these people fighting over absolutely ridiculous things and getting too drunk and hooking up.

Which means we're addicted. Despite yelling the entire half hour that these people need to get a life and a real job.

Because, really? How many times can you humiliate yourself, your parents and the United States of America in one lifetime?

And last night, I put Little Man down and he was quiet for about 15 minutes and then he realized that hey! There's crappy TV to be watched and he can't do so in his cage!

And so he yelled for me "MAMAAAAAAA! MAMAAAAA!"

And then he cried for me.

And half an hour later, I gave in and went to get him, because really? There's no point in letting a toddler scream himself to death for three hours.

It's easier to get him up, let him stay up half an hour and ask him if he'd like to go to bed. And you know what? When he's ready he tells me so, by answering "yeaaah?"

Because he doesn't say "yes" or "oui." He's too cool for that. So if I ask him if he wants to go to school in the morning he always says "Yeaaah?"

And yes, he says it just like that, in question mode. Kind of like he's on Jeopardy for toddlers and all answers must be in the form of a question.

Ever since Little Man was a baby, we've been working on kissing. As in, when he goes to bed, I tell him to give his Daddy a kiss. And a few months ago, he learned to blow kisses, and so I could get him to blow them to anyone I want, which is very convenient when you're in a place where people don't really want a kid there, because really? Even airplane riders who hate kids can only be cranky for so long when a sweet toddler blows them kisses.

But yesterday, oh yesterday... When I told Little Man to give his Daddy a kiss, he walked right up to him, gave him a hug and then kissed him. It was like that moment in Jerry Maguire where that cute precocious kid who knows that the human head weighs 8 pounds kisses Tom Cruise and you can see on the pre-craziness Tom's face that Jerry is a goner.

And then, when I told Little Man to kiss me when I put him to bed, he kissed me on the lips, and if I don't think I have ever been so happy that I made that kid, because really? The world couldn't have been that great of a place before him.




Jesse said...

Awww how sweet, Little Man blowing kisses. Now if I could teach my Chunky Monkey to wave bye-bye, then I'll upgrade to blowing kisses. As for bedtime, we go thru the same thing-seriously we can only take so much of the kid shows. Oh and I'm like you I love mommy stories.

Rachel said...

How is it soooo easy for our kids to just make us melt?

How adorable!

Emma in Canada said...

What? He blows kisses? Saoirse still doesn't. Or won't. I'm never sure which is which with her.

I think watching people people getting drunk is smarter than watching we watch at night when she is still up. Dead bodies and stuff on CSI related shows. She doesn't even bat an eyelash anymore, other than to occassionally say yuck. Which is sort of frightening.

random_mommy said...

he has you wrapped around his finger. he is a diabolical little toddler.

Gerbil said...

I can't wait for kisses. I remain The Kazoo for now. Any exposed skin can serve as a kazoo...

Beccy said...

I love toddler kisses unless their faces are covered in toddler drool!

My post today is named in your honour, you'll have to pop over to see why.

Kellie said... sweet is that??!! Nothing like a toddler kiss to get you all warm and happy inside. Well, a free shopping expedition to Target MAY do the trick, too. :)